Defend Against Online Threats with Harvey Norman

Online threats that affect small businesses are similar to those encountered by individuals. Hackers and scammers seeking to steal valuable data and money use a variety of methods to achieve their goals.

Phishing is perhaps the most common of these methods. It is a scam where attackers trick a target into providing personal information. Done by gaining access to an internal account from which they can steal even more personal data.

Hackers can employ malware and ransomware to encrypt sensitive data on business computers. They often stop operations until receiving payment or sell the data later.

Compromised business email accounts can be a significant threat. It provides attackers with often sensitive internal communications as well as a platform to execute further attacks.

Businesses can protect themselves from these threats with security software like antivirus suites and spam protection. Additionally, protection can be improved by training the staff to help recognise online threats.

Consider Harvey Norman as your dedicated IT Department, offering a range of security plans tailored for various businesses and industries.

The Essential Package includes 24/7 monitoring and protection, along with top notch backup and recovery services and expert service desk support. Harvey Norman’s Standard Package adds to this with additional security, staff training and regular security testing.

The Premium Package is tailored for businesses requiring a higher level of data security, including medical, financial, and health businesses with extra sensitive data.

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