Vissles LP85 Mac Style Keyboard does Windows too (review)

The Vissles LP85 MAC Style Keyboard is like one of those flat, compact, space grey Mac-like keyboards with one crucial difference. Its optical-mechanical keys beat membrane or scissor laptop-style key any day. It is a pleasure to type on.

This connects via USB-C (cable supplied) or Bluetooth, but you have to charge the 2000mAh battery first if using Bluetooth. It has an adjustable RGB backlight.

Vissles LP85 Mac Style Keyboard

WebsiteHomepage and product page
PriceUS$139 in Mac OS-White or Black and Windows OS – white or black
FromVissles online
Warranty12 months but not covered by ACL unless bought in Australia
CompanyVissles (Est 2018) was a start-up focused on innovative and portable gadgets.
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First impression – well made

It is a small (307.6 x 118.1 x 17.85-12mm), 85-key style (no numeric keypad) with a very Mac-like look and feel, although it has a dedicated Windows button.

Solid at 547g – beautifully machined space grey alloy case (the bottom panel is removable if you remove the non-slip grips). It won’t slide around on a table.

It is angled at 2°. Lacking a numeric keyboard it can’t type ASCII characters like °. It appears that the lettering is injection moulded through the keycap (if so great as it won’t wear off quickly), but it could be reverse-painted – time will tell.

Make sure that you select Windows or Mac mode first, or you may experience some odd key placements. It has a switch for cabled or BT 5.0 use. But being BT, it is fine with Chrome OS, Android, iOS and Linux.

Typing experience – very good for a 2.5mm throw

If you like an 85 keyboard, you will love the 2.5mm throw, 1.2mm x 50g actuation and .2ms response that only optical-mechanical can provide – the switches use light to activate. They are quiet, not too clicky, and have a 50m keystroke rating.

I touch type at approx. 100 words per minute on a Logitech G mechanical keyboard (6mm throw and 50g), and once I found the correct position (it is smaller, remember), speeds were commensurate.

My only gripe was that backspace is usually above the enter key, but there is a \| key there. The Delete key is in the top row with function keys.

Battery – 100 hours but depends on lights

The 2000mAh battery should last 100 hours, but the light show reduces that. USB-C charging at 5V/.2A/1W, takes several hours to charge.

RGB Backlight adjustment – no App

There are 19 dynamic patterns, eight mono modes, and several speed variations. Would you believe – it has every other combination except plain white?

CyberShack view – Vissles LP85 Mac Style Keyboard is cute and colourful

After typing a few reviews using the mini-keyboard, I came to like it. If you already use a 75% keyboard, this is an excellent purchase for typing efficiency and pleasure you did not know existed on Apple Mac keyboards.

While it is for Mac, it has a Windows setting too. Its purpose is to overcome those horrible MacBook and other laptop keyboards that make you feel like you are typing on glass – no feedback.

Gamers may like it, but I am guessing they may prefer a longer throw.

Vissles LP85 Keyboard for Mac and Windows








Ease of Use





  • Very well made
  • Good laptop keyboard replacement
  • Good clicky optomechanical switched
  • It’s the keyboard Apple should have made!
  • Backlit (Apple Magic is not)


  • No adjustable height/slant
  • No App to customise RGB
  • Compact 75% - you need to like this style