OPPO Pad Neo Android Tablet – 11.4” 2.5K, 1.07 billion colour ReadFit screen (smartphone)

The OPPO Pad Neo is an Android tablet with a ReadFit 7:5 ratio screen, a big 8000mAh battery, and four-speaker Dolby Atmos decode sound. It is an Android tablet done right, and at $449, it is very attractively priced.

While price may be a driver, it is not short on specifications.

  • Processor: 6nm MediaTek Helio G99 and Arm Mali-G57 MC2
  • RAM/Storage: 6/128GB LPDDR4x/UFS 2.2 and microSD slot to 1TB
  • 11.4”, 2408 x 1720, 260ppi, 8-bit+2FRC/1.07 billion colours, 400nits, 90Hz, LTPS LCD
  • Front and rear 8MP, f/2.0 camera, 1080p@30fps with EIS
  • 8000mAh battery (no charger supplied but charges at 9V/2A/18W)
  • Wi-Fi 5 2.4/5GHz
  • BT 5.2 with SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, and LDAC
  • USB-C 2.0 (no Alt DP)
  • Face or Password unlock
  • Colour OS 13.2 (Android 13 – 2+2+4 warranty/OS upgrade/security patch)

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Australian Review: OPPO Pad Neo Android Tablet – 11.4” 2.5K, 1.07 billion colour ReadFit screen

ModelOPPO Pad Neo
Model NumberOPD2302
RAM/Storage Base6/128GB
   Price base449
Warranty months24-months
WebsiteProduct page
FromOPPO online
Country of OriginChina
CompanyOPPO is now #2 in Australia for Android smartphone market share. It has achieved this by offering excellent products and after-sales service.
MoreCyberShack OPPO news and reviews
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Test date1-29/4/24
Ambient temp10-20°
ReleaseJanuary, but available later in Australia
Other models not for Australia (Don’t buy)The genuine Australian model has an RNZ C-Tick on the box label.
Grey Market: While not as critical with Wi-Fi-only tablets, the usual culprits (Kogan/Dick Smith/Etoren and many online stores) sell it. Only approved devices carry an Australian warranty and use Australian frequencies.

First Impression – Pass+

Samsung and Lenovo dominate the tablet world. Yet OPPO, with its 2023 OPPO Pad 2 – premium Android tablet with new format screen, and now this model offers better specifications and value than the competitors without compromising on quality.

It is an Android tablet – quite reserved and elegant in space grey. The key difference is the 7:5 ratio screen. It is best for use in landscape mode with a camera on the top bezel and four speakers (two on each side) on the left and right short sides.

After a few days, I found I was using this far more as a portrait reader, perfect for digital newspapers and A4 or A5 documents. I found the beautiful clarity and pure colours a bonus compared to typically over-saturated colour tablets. It is easy on the eye. It is a superb content consumption device.

What is the 7:5 golden ratio?

OPPO calls the 7:5 ratio screen ‘ReadFit’. Let’s explore that screen—some call it the Golden Ratio.

Most tablets have a 16:9 or 16:10 landscape ratio, which suits video content. This has 7:5 (12.6:9), which in portrait mode is closer to the width of an A4 paper (297 x 210 or 7.05:5), which suits productivity.

If you play a 16:9 movie, you get smaller letterbox black lines, top and bottom, than on most tablets.

Screen – Pass+

It is a 10-bit/1.07 billion colour screen. OPPO calibrate it to a Delta E <1 (<4 is good), hitting 94.7% DCI-P3 and 100+% sRGB of the wide colour gamut. Samsung and Lenovo still use an 8-bit/16.7 million colour screen; frankly, OPPO has the edge by a large margin. Read 8-bit versus 10-bit screen colours. What is the big deal?

It is very easy on the eyes as we have come to expect from OPPO’s phone screens – lovely, colour-accurate with a 90Hz refresh.

The 7:5 ratio is about content consumption, although it’s closer to the shape of a book than a 16:9 movie. It has L1 FHD 1080p SDR certification for all streaming services.

It is not very daylight readable, and we cannot determine if there is a screen protector. We suspect it is toughened glass.

Bedtime mode switches to warmer colours at night, and you can schedule Eye Comfort, which also adjusts the colour of the light.

Flat, Curve, 2D, 3DFlat with centre o-hole on top
Resolution2408 x 1720
Ratio7:5 (12.6:9, 14:10)
Screen to Body %82.7%
Colours bits8-bit_2FRC for1.07 billion colours
Refresh Hz, adaptive.Auto stepped 48/50/60/90Hz or fixed 60Hz.
Response 120HzN/A
Nits typical, test400 (test 395-402)
Nits max, testN/A
Contrast1200:1 (test 1251:1)
sRGBNatural 100% (Test 97.45%)
DCI-P396% (Test Vivid 94.75%)
Rec.2020 or otherVivid mode and colour temperature slider. Also, Nature Tone adjusts colour temperature to ambient light with 2048 brightness levels.
Delta E (<4 is excellent)<1
HDR LevelN/A SDR only
SDR UpscaleN/A
Blue Light ControlYes, plus Bedtime mode
PWM if knownNo
Daylight readableNo
Always on DisplayNo
Edge displayYes and sidebar
AccessibilityUsual Android features
GamingNot tested, but no dedicated game features.
Screen protectionNot stated but tablets usually have toughened glass.
CommentExcellent colour-accurate tablet screen with an interesting ‘golden ratio’ of 7:5 that suits an A4 page in portrait mode.
Good viewing angles.

Processor – Pass+

It is a TSMC-made 6nm (good) MediaTek Helio G99 widely used in mid-range phones. It is pretty energy efficient, and, as it does not have to power a phone system, it is more than suited for a tablet. In fact, the 11” Samsung Tab A9 uses it as well. It is similar in performance to the Qualcomm SD695.

It is not for serious gamers but will play most browser and lower-framerate games well. It does not throttle under load.

Brand, ModelMediaTek Helio G99
Cores2 x 2.2GHz & 6 x 2.0 GHz
Multi-thread Integer Operations Per Second (INOPS)
GINOPS = billion
11.22 GFLOPS
Geekbench 6 Single-core720
Geekbench 6 multi-core1898
Similar performance to SD695.
GPUArm Mali-G57 MC2
GPU Test
Open CL1394
RAM, type6GB LPDDR4X plus 2/4/6GB virtual RAM expansion.
Storage, free, type128GB UFS 2.2 (98GB free)
micro-SDUp to 2TB
CPDT internal seq. Read MBps sustained651
Jazz Maximum 938
CPDT internal seq. write MBps sustained360
Jazz Maximum 527
CPDT microSD read, write MBps77/49 mountable
CPDT external (mountable?) MBps20/20 OTG
CommentA tablet does not need a powerhouse processor as it focuses on content consumption. It also does not have to support things like phones, etc. This is a good SoC for the purpose and is energy efficient.
This is a popular SoC for its energy-efficient 6nm used by Motorola G72, Samsung A15/24 and various OPPO, vivo and realme phones.
Throttle test
Max GIPS181861
Average GIPS177132
Minimum GIPS169494
% ThrottleNil
CPU Temp50°
CommentExcellent thermal management

Comms – Pass

Wi-Fi 5 AC Dual band 2.4/5GHz is fit for purpose, and it maintains maximum 433MBps speeds out to 10m.

The GPS is four-band—L1, B11, G1, and E1—and capable of 1m accuracy, making it suitable for in-car navigation.

Wi-Fi Type, modelWi-Fi 5 AC 2.4/5Ghz
Test 2m -dBm, Rx/Tx MbpsSee image below
Test 5m
Test 10m
BT Type5.2
GPS single, dualL1, B11, G1, and E1
USB typeUSB-C 2.0 480Mbps (no Alt DP)
ALT DP, DeX, Ready ForNo
   Ambient lightYes
   Hall sensorYes
CommentMeets all expectations

Battery – Pass+

PC Mark’s Work 3.0 Battery Test lasts 18 hours and 7 minutes. A 1080p video loop at 50% sound/brightness and aeroplane mode lasts 14 hours and 46 minutes. This is a full-workday device with a 2-hour charge.

OPPO loses some points for not providing its 33W SUPERVOOC charger inbox, but it works with any 20W or higher PD/PPS charger.

Charger, type, suppliedNot supplied. $35 SUPERVOOC wall charger
Charges at 9V/2A/18W from a USB-C PD/PPS charger.
 PD, QC levelIt will work on any USB power from 5W.
   Video loop 50%, aeroplane14 hours 46 minutes
   PC Mark 3 battery18 hours 7 minutes
   GFX Bench Manhattan batteryWould not run
   GFX Bench T-Rex476.8 minutes (7.95 hours) 6005 frames
   Drain 100-0% full load screen on4 hours 33 minutes
   mA full load1500-1600mA
   mA Watt idle Screen on350-400mA
   Estimate loss at max refreshTested on Adaptive screen refresh
   Estimate typical useIt will give an entire workday of use and around 15 hours of video.
CommentIt has decent battery life for a tablet and a large screen.

Sound hardware – Pass+

It has four speakers in a 2 x 2.0 landscape configuration. To be clear, it is stereo – not quadraphonic. It defaults to Dolby Atmos decoding and is 10-15% louder than other tablets in its class.

Speakers2 x each short side speaker, a total of 4.
Dolby Atmos decodeYes to 2.0
3.5mmNo, but it has an FSA4480 USB Type-C port to pass a USB 2.0 signal, analogue audio, sideband use wires, and an analogue microphone signal. No DAC is required.
BT CodecsSBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD and LDAC
MultipointShould support it
EQSmart, Movie, Gaming, Music mainly for earphones
Mics2 with some noise-cancellation
Test dB – all on EQ flat DA off
   Volume max95 – this is 10-15% louder than most smartphones
   Media (music)90
   BT headphonesAll codecs available. Tested on LDAC and aptX HD. Excellent separation.

Sound quality – Exceed

Finally, we have a device that you can use to listen to music. Unlike a phone that is turned for clear voice, this is tuned for music.

Mid-bass starts at 63Hz (quite low for small speakers) and gives you a nice hint of bass – it’s not overbearing, but it is there. It is flat (good) to mid-treble, giving it excellent directionality and a feeling of air – being there.

Deep Bass 20-40HzNil
Middle Bass 40-100Hzfrom 63Hz building 120Hz and flattening off
High Bass 100-200HzFlat
Low Mid 200-400HzFlat
Mid 400-1000HzFlat
High-Mid 1-2kHzFlat
Low Treble 2-4kHzFlat
Mid Treble 4-6kHzSlight dip to avoid harshness
High Treble 6-10kHzFlat
Dog Whistle 10-20kHzVery slow decline to 20kHz
Sound Signature typeNeutral: The audiophile standard is a flat (good) response that neither adds nor subtracts from the original music.
   SoundstageDolby Atmos is enabled by default and appears to add more soundstage width.
With DA content, the soundstage widens about 15cm past the speakers and gives a nice sense of height for movies in landscape mode.
CommentFinally, a tablet that is actually quite listenable, with enough bass to satisfy, enough mid/high treble to give a sense of being there and good directionality.

Build – Pass+

The OPPO Pad Neo build quality is a given—it’s well-made and a keeper. Our only issue is the lack of a 33W SUPERVOOC charger.

You should probably buy the $59.95 OPPO Pad Neo Smart Case, which offers viewing angles of 110°, 120°, and 130° degrees and auto on/off. There is no combo keyboard/trackpad cover.

Size (H X W x D)255.12 x 188.04 x 6.89mm
Weight grams538
Front glassNot stated
Rear materialAluminium
IP ratingNot stated – no
ColoursSpace Grey
Pen, Stylus supportPassive capacitive only
In the box
   USB cableYes
   Bumper coverNo
CommentExcellent build quality.

Android – Pass+

Multitasking features include split view, flexible windows, and dual windows. I ended up using dual windows the most because they allow you to have two apps running at the same time. It has a handy Windows-like Taskbar.

It is relatively clean of Bloatware, and we have classified OPPO’s Privacy Policy and Terms as benign as long as you do not sign up for a HeyTap account.

Security patch date5 April 2024, current
UIColor OS 13.2
OS upgrade policyThree updates to Android 16
Security patch policyQuarterly updates for four years from launch.
BloatwareRelatively clean: Netflix and WPS Office trial.
Recommend you use Google Apps instead of OPPO apps where possible.
OtherImplements Android Taskbar
CommentColorOS is the light grease on Android wheels that makes it easier to use
Fingerprint sensor location, typeNo
Face IDYes 2D
OtherOPPO ColorOS has advanced security features

OPPO PAD Neo rear camera – Pass

It is suitable as a happy snapper or for scanning a whiteboard. You need reasonable light.

Rear PrimaryWide
   SensorLikely Hynix HI556 or Galaxy Core GC08AC3 or SmartSens SC820cs
   FocusFF plus macro
  FOV° (stated, actual)78 (67.1 H x 79.4 D)
   Video max10870p@30fps with EIS
Photo, Video, Panorama, Time-lapse, Sticker, and Text scanner.
   QR code readerGoogle Lens
   Night modeAI

OPPO Pad Neo front camera

   SensorLikely Hynix HI556 or Galaxy Core GC08AC3 or SmartSens SC820cs
  FOV (stated, actual)78.2 (67.1 H x 79.4 D)
   FlashScreen fill
   Video max1080p@30fps
    FeaturesPhoto, Video, Panorama, Time-lapse and Portrait.
CommentIt is a decent selfie with reasonably natural colours. There is AI face tracking for video conferences.

CyberShack’s view – OPPO Pad Neo leads the class by a big margin

While the 7:5 ratio screen is nice, it is not the sole reason to buy. The whole package has a reasonable SoC, decent speakers, camera, and, interestingly, quad-band GPS, making it great for in-car navigation.

OPPO Pad Neo ratings – 81/100

RatingsNew 2024 ratings – 70 is a pass
It is a $449 11.4″ 7:5 tablet with a decent LPTS screen and speakers that you can listen to.
There is not much around to compete with. The $479 Samsung A9+ 11″ uses the same processor but has a 1650x1200p screen, 8.5MP cameras, and a smaller battery. The Neo is superior on paper. The $449 Lenovo M11 has a slower processor and eMMC flash storage.
It meets or exceeds what is expected at this price.
Ease of Use80
Its 2+3+4 warranty/OS/security is quite good.
Well-made and designed for landscape use. Buy the cover to protect it.
Rating out of 10081
Final commentOverall, it is an excellent 11.1″ tablet that will exceed expectations of a tablet of this price.

OPPO Pad Neo Android Tablet – 11.4” 2.5K, 1.07 billion colour ReadFit screen








Ease of Use





  • Great battery life, but no charger loses some points.
  • Bright/colour-accurate/90Hz, 10-bit LTPS LCD screen
  • Excellent quality build and 2+3+4-year warranty with local support
  • Sound you can listen to!
  • MicroSD expansion


  • No IP rating
  • SoC is not great for gamers.
  • No charger inbox
  • Probably a good investment to buy a cover
  • No 3.5mm jack