LG 8-bottle mini-Wine Fridge (review)

The LG 8-bottle mini-wine fridge holds white wine and champagne at the perfect drinking temperature, or perhaps store those few precious vintage reds you reserve for special occasions.

The current price of $499 (on sale plus an additional $50 off if you become an LG member) makes it a perfect gift for the entertainer who has everything.

As an 8-bottle mini wine fridge, it is terrific. But there are a few design considerations you need to be aware of that may influence your purchase decision. Read on.

LG 8-bottle mini-Wine Fridge Black GW-V08BT

WebsiteProduct page
PriceNormally $499
LG Online special $399 with free local delivery
FromLG Online and leading retailers
WarrantyTwo years on the fridge and three on the Semiconductor
ColourBlack gloss finish
LightInternal LED
ShelvingFour fixed (bottom shelf removable for larger 99mm bottles)
DoorDual glass
DisplayTemperature indicator
MaintenanceThere is a humidity drip tray that may require emptying.
A fan circulates the air inside to ensure even temperatures. The filter needs occasional cleaning.
When the ambient temperature or humidity exceeds 27°/70%, cooling may not reach the designated internal temperature.
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First Impression – Black and relatively light

It is an 8-bottle fridge, so it is quite small at 497 x 282 x 534mm (H/W/D – 773 with door opening) x 12kg with a double glass front door and a temperature display top right. Allow a 10cm air gap on the side and rear.

 But there are few design or cosmetic considerations you need to be aware of.

  • The back is bare metal with screws and a large fan filter. You can’t put it at the end of an island bench that exposes the back.
  • There is a rear humidity drip tray that may (should not) fill with condensation, so if you are placing it on precious carpet or flooring, you may want to invest in a drip tray.
  • The bottom of the door has a 20mm gap that may not open if placed on a soft, thick carpet
  • It requires a 240V power point
  • Don’t place it in direct sunlight
  • The gloss black finish is a fingerprint magnet
  • And it stores bottles on their side, and you can’t put an opened one back upright for temporary storage.

And one other thing. Despite using solid-state cooling (no condenser), it makes a fan noise of 50dB at 322Hz at 1 metre, which happens to be a reasonably annoying humming frequency. We are taking this up with LG and trust it is just a review model quirk. (Update: The noise stopped after removing and reinserting the rear fan filter).

Chill – 8° is perfect for white wine or champagne

We tested with a Kestrel D3 temperature/humidity and data logger. It takes a while to chill room-temperature wine (22°) to 8°. We measured just over seven hours, but it remained rock-steady once there. Opening the door does cause a cavity temperature increase, and the wine temperature remains stable.

You can adjust the temperature from 8-16° – the ideal chill serving temperature ranges are

  • White wine from 8-11°
  • Champagne from 8-10°
  • Rose/pinot noir from 12-16°
  • Reds (Shiraz and Cab Sav) from 16-18°.

It is not really a fridge

It uses solid-state cooling (Thermoelectric Semiconductor Module), so the device is quiet, small, and light.

It does not vibrate (a real wine killer), and the double-glazed glass reduces UV light and external heat.

Clever LG – but as the cabinet only has one temperature – don’t mix your whites and reds. And don’t try it with beer that needs 4°.

Power use

It varies between 70-80W. At 30 cents per kWh, it costs about 50 cents a day.

CyberShack’s view – LG 8-bottle mini-Wine Fridge is one of life’s essentials

I had a Vintec 130-bottle wine store in another life. If you are looking for a larger 65-bottle wine fridge, the LG Signature Wine Cellar is perfect.

But my needs are simple now. A few good whites, champagnes and reds on tap is all I need. This serves the purpose so well and gets the bottles out of the fridge, making better use of that storage space (and 4° is too cold to serve whites and champagnes).

At launch last year, it was $659, and I would not have felt it was sufficient value. At $499, it is excellent, and at $399 on sale with free local delivery, it is a no-brainer.

LG 8-bottle mini-Wine Fridge

$499 but may be on sale







Ease of Use





  • Just the right size for small parties
  • Gets wine out of the fridge
  • Serves at the proper temperature for best flavour and nose
  • 50 cents a day electricity – get solar
  • Fits a standard 60cm benchtop


  • Takes about twice as long as a fridge to chill wine
  • Can’t stand an open bottle upright
  • Rear panel is bare metal
  • Not for beer

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