Dyson Gen5detect – the evolution continues (cleaning review)

The Dyson Gen5detect is the evolution of its V15 detect with a faster motor, more efficient HEPA filtration, and a brighter laser optics Fluffy head to see even more dust.

Let’s segue. The 2021 Dyson V15 Detect vacuum – sees dust you can’t (review) was epoch-making with the laser light hard floor ‘Mr Fluffy’ head that sent obsessive-compulsive cleaners into a frenzy trying to beat the machine. The challenge was to get every last piece of dust and dirt. Well, Dyson has lifted the laser optics bar in the Dyson Gen5detect, so you will clean even harder.

It also sent the OCD Dyson engineers into a frenzy trying to improve what was pretty good anyway. So, the main improvements over V15 detect (in brackets) are:

  • 135,000 RPM next-gen Hyperdymium motor (125,000)
  • Up to 262 air watts on maximum boost (230)
  • Up to 70 minutes of fade-free battery life (60)
  • Brighter laser head reveals up to 2x more dust (about 50% of the light/distance output)
  • Real-time dust detection and particle size counter (counter only)
  • Run time countdown – how much battery is left
  • Sealed HEPA system for 99.99% of particle removal to 1um
  • 3.5kg (3.1kg)
  • Integrated dust/crevice tool in the vacuum tube (separate)
  • New user interface readout (different information)
  • Push button power on/off (trigger in the handle)

But the real test is how much better it cleans. Hint: This is a hands-on review – not prepared from a press release.

Australian review: Dyson Gen5detect (Absolute bundle as tested)

WebsiteDyson Australia Product page and Manual
Price$1499 for Absolute (two motorised heads, three tools, charger, and Wall Dok)
FromHarvey Norman, Bing Lee, JB Hi-Fi, Good Guys, Retravision, Myer, David Jones, Betta, Dyson online (free standard shipping),
Dyson Demo Store – Service Centre Moore Park, Sydney. Supa Centa Moore Park. Shop GF03
Dyson Demo Store George Street, Sydney. 285 George Street. Brookfield Place.
Dyson Demo Store – Service Centre Castle Hill, Sydney. Hills Super Centre, North Building.
Warranty2-year parts and labour ACL warranty, including transport costs both ways
Country of ManufactureMalaysia
CompanyBritish engineer Sir James Dyson founded Dyson in 1991. It designs and manufactures household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, hand dryers, bladeless fans, heaters, beauty appliances, and lights.
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We use Fail (below expectations), Pass (meets expectations) and Exceed (surpasses expectations or is the class leader) against many of the items below. We occasionally give a Pass(able) rating that is not as good as it should be and a Pass ‘+’ rating to show it is good but does not quite make it to Exceed. You can click on most images for an enlargement.

First Impression – yes, it is a Dyson – Pass+

Dyson Cyclone stick vacuum cleaners have remained the same in the overall concept since the V7 (or even earlier). The V10 changed the cyclone barrel orientation from vertical to in-line for better weight distribution. The increase in weight to 3.5kg is mainly from the larger battery and integrated crevice tool. It has

  • Laser lit Mr Fluffy head to see the dust on hard floors
  • Cyclone air system that maintains vacuum pressure regardless of how full the dustbin is.
  • Filtration – the air it expels is 99.99% clean – no redistributing dust.
  • Battery technology – electronic monitoring and auto adjustment to maximise time.
  • Brush technology and the use of carbon fibres (expensive but more effective and longer wearing).
  • High technology that monitors and counts dust particle sizes
  • Removable battery (around $199)
  • Larger .77l dust bin
  • Intelligent suction power adapts to different surfaces

It comes with a Wall Dok (screws to the wall), but you still plug the charger directly into the battery.

If you are on to a good thing – just improve it.

Setup – Charge and go – Pass+

Due to a shortage of review units, we only had it for a few days, so things like battery life, charge time, etc., are initial results. If we get a review unit for a longer term, we will update this review.

Battery – Pass+

It is a removable battery, which means you can replace it in the future. The cost is expected to be about $199.

Dyson claims 70 minutes run-time, but that is on Eco mode. It reduces on Auto/Medium (40 minutes) and Boost (15 minutes). An auto-sensor applies the correct vacuum pressure to match the floor type, so select Auto.

We did about 130m2 (20m2 ceramic tiles, 40m2 of sisal carpet, 25m2 of feature ‘shag’ rug and 45m2 of hard floor). The battery had about 10% left, but the indicator showed 9 minutes of carpet and 14 minutes of hard floor left.

A full charge is about 4.5 hours. Note that the charger has a different plug from the V15 Detect.

Cleaning efficiency – Exceed

We use a 100g standard sample ranging in size from sand to rice bubbles. It recovered all the sample.

In our test home (which is thoroughly cleaned weekly), it recovered about 10% more volume than the V15 Detect and about 30% more than the best robovac. We suspect that its auto power and up to 262 Air Watts lead to better long-carpet efficiency. The 770ml dustbin covered the entire area.

UI – Pass+

The particle size is colour coded to show how clean an area is. If the bar is blue/white/green, there is a high/medium/low number of particles in the area. The bar decreases as you clean the area. It also shows how much is collected after every clean.

Noise – Pass

About 70-75dB – not intrusive.

Laser light output – Pass+

Yes, it has about 2x of the V15 Detect’s laser light, which means it is more effective in daylight.

Heads – Pass+

It is a good idea to incorporate the dusting/crevice tool into the vacuum tube. But there are more useful tools for dusting – the Combination Tool works better.

My Fluffy is perfect for hard floors adding a slight polish to them. The harder bristle brush is also fine but is meant mainly for carpets.

A hair screw brush is ideal for pets and longer hair.

Dyson has a new range of tools

  • 61cm expandable hose,
  • Low-reach adaptor
  • Up-top adaptor
  • Light pipe crevice tool
  • Awkward gap tool
  • Flexi crevice tool
  • Mini Soft dusting brush
  • Scratch-free dusting brush

Maintenance – Exceed

The HEPA filter, Fluffy roller, and dustbin are water washable. There are no ongoing costs.

General use observations

I can feel the extra weight – 400g over the V12 Detect. It is not a lot more, but if you have arthritis or wrist issues, you may want to pop into a store and see it first.

It has quite a large barrel/handle, which can get in the way of tight area cleaning, e.g., cars. The new extension hose is a must-have.

The slimline laser Mr Fluffy head fits better under cupboard overhangs, especially those with timber overlay on the previous surface and lost 10-15mm clearance.

The laser works best in-office light <400 lumens or less. But even in bright sunlight, it still shows up larger detritus. You will be amazed at how much dust there is, even in an apparently clean home.

Manoeuvrability is quite good as the vacuum head can turn sideways to get under low furniture if you crouch down!

Overall, it provides the best vacuuming efficiency of any hand-held, cordless stick vacuum tested. It does not need an auto-empty station.

CyberShack’s view – The Dyson Gen5detect is an evolution

No, don’t throw away your older Dyson because these still provide superior cleaning to 99% of other cleaners (I have not found better yet).

This is it if you have $1499 and appreciate Dysons superb quality and even better after-sales service. Or snap up a bargain on the V12 Slim Detect and V15 Detect.

It is capable of whole-of-home cleaning on any surface. Well done, Sir James Dyson.

Rating Explanation – Dyson Gen5detect

Features: 9.5

The Absolute version has everything you need to clean, but there are some desirable new tools.

Value: 9

If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it. It is backed by Dyson’s superb after-sales support.

Performance: 9.5

It cleans even more than the V15 Detect

Ease of Use: 9

The extra weight may be an issue, but overall, it is well-balanced, easy and low-cost to maintain and is a keeper.

Design 9.5

It is hard to improve on perfection, but thousands of Dyson engineers do that every day

Dyson Gen5detect, Dyson Gen5detect, Dyson Gen5detect

Dyson Gen5detect cordless vacuum cleaner








Ease of use





  • See dust you never knew was there
  • Definitely more power when you need it
  • Built-in dusting and crevasse tool can be removed too
  • Push button on/off means slightly better in-hand use
  • Real-time readout great for OCD cleaners


  • Not compatible with the previous-generation motorised tools
  • I kind of liked the trigger on/off as the power button is awkwardly placed
  • If you must ask how much this is not for you