Trend Micro’s new Security Suite has a new feature to deal with identity theft

Trend Micro today announced the launch of its Security Suite software, offering comprehensive protection for home users. The Security Suite includes a range of existing products along with a key new feature to protect customers from identity theft.

According to a recent survey conducted by Trend Micro, 68 per cent of Australians are very worried about identity theft, and 69 per cent are concerned about cyberthreat risks on their home computers. 59 per cent are also concerned about threats that attack mobile devices.

Trend Micro Security Suite is a one-stop solution for protecting your devices, covering PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. ID Security adds dark web monitoring to protect users against identity theft, WiFi protection secures your information while connected to public networks using a VPN, and a password manager is included for added security and convenience.

User behavior is a major contributor to online security risks, particularly with passwords. Over half of the respondents to a Trend Micro survey confirmed they do not use a password manager, which puts them at risk of reusing passwords for multiple accounts or using weaker passwords that are easier to remember – and crack.

The latest version of the Trend Micro Security Suite is available now from the company’s website and other retailers. Existing customers will be automatically upgraded in the coming weeks at no additional cost.

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