Samsung’s vision of smart homes promises even more interconnectivity

Samsung’s vision for a connected lifestyle shows what smart homes and vehicles could be capable of in the future.

Kitchen appliances like Samsung’s smart fridge series will be able to interact with other appliances directly – selecting a recipe based on what ingredients are available will allow other devices to jump on board, such as a smart oven that can preheat to the required temperature after a recipe is chosen.

The SmartThings platform has been expanding to encompass twice as many devices including those from other manufacturers thanks to partnerships with other companies including Amazon and Google.

Samsung’s connected environment extends to the garage as well, with a new iteration of the company’s Digital Cockpit concept for the automotive industry.

The new Digital Cockpit 2019 iterates on last year’s standard with seamless linking of devices from your phone to your smart home with simplified controls for ease of use.

Six screens live in the cabin, able to display information like speed and fluid levels to the driver, while the passenger is able to see seat settings, climate control and entertainment information with their own display. Rear passengers are offered a screen on the back of each front seat which can pair with their phones for a larger interface to interact with.

Bixby offers hands-free AI control over devices on the SmartThings platform including some automotive-specific functions. Last year’s Digital Cockpit offered car-to-home interactions like checking your fridge contents on your car’s dashboard, while the new system offers home-to-car interactions as well – starting the engine, turning on the AC and checking fuel levels from the home for example.

Safety options include a camera-based mirror replacement, front facing night vision camera and driver monitoring systems that can detect drowsiness or dangerous behaviour like texting behind the wheel.

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