Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatch offers up to four days battery life

Samsung overnight unveiled its latest wearable devices, the Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic. While the two new smartwatches each feature a unique design, the pair share almost all of their technical specifications. These includes a 380mAh battery said to provide up to four days of battery life per charge. This is notable, as the vast majority of smartwatches on the market currently struggle to make it to even two days per charge.

The larger battery life has however seemingly necessitated a larger design. Both Gear S2 variants feature a 1.3-inch display (surrounded by a reasonable bezel), and are a 12.9mm thick, which makes them quite a bit chunkier than the Gear S2 (which measured in at 11.4mm). Of course, big watches are seemingly in vogue at the moment, so many may love the new design.

The Gear S3 Frontier’s matte black finish is meant to evoke more of a rugged outdoor look, while the Gear S3 Classic takes inspiration from iconic timepieces and uses a polished stainless steel body.

Other new features include integrated GPS for run tracking and navigation, IP68 water resistance, and a scratch resistant Gorilla Glass SR+ screen. Much like the Gear S2. both Gear S3 variants have a rotating bezel for navigation and run Samsung’s Tizen operating system.

Samsung has yet to confirm what devices the Gear S3 will be compatible with. However, based on last year’s Gear S2, it will likely work with Android devices running KitKat or better. iOS support should also be on the cards.

Samsung has also yet to confirm pricing and availability for the Gear S3, but says the smartwatches will be available in Australia before Christmas.

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