Microsoft’s new HoloLens demo is kind of incredible

Microsoft this morning showcased an incredible new demo called "Project X-Ray" for its "mixed reality" HoloLens headset.

Project X-Ray is an augmented reality game that is said to turn "any room" in a house into a personalised videogame level. After it is initialised, users have to defend their house from an invading swarm of robotic enemies using a "wearable hologram" controller, that in this scenario, works as a gun.

Microsoft says that enemy holograms will behave like real objects, and naturally interact with the objects in the room. As such, the untethered player can walk around, and duck behind a couch to dodge enemy fire.

Words aren't quite enough to do the concept justice, but a four-minute snippet of Microsoft's HoloLens presentation is embedded above.

A developer version of the HoloLens will be made available in the first quarter of USD$3,000.

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