LG’s new 65-inch TV can tuck itself in

High-end TV manufacturers have been aiming to reduce bezel size and make slimmer screens, but LG has taken the next step and introduced the world’s first rollable OLED TV.

LG has shown a new design philosophy at CES with a sci-fi style flexible display that rolls up and down to display only the content you need to see. The idea behind the new LG Signature OLED TV R was to create a display that’s unobtrusive as possible.

The LG 65R9 OLED TV features three modes to control how much of the display is showing. Full View offers a full screen view of the display, while Line View offers a set of specific apps that don’t require the whole screen, including a clock, picture frame, music and dashboard. Zero View means the TV stays tucked away in its base, but users can still play audio from the TV’s Dolby Atmos enabled inbuilt soundbar.

The new TV has Alexa functionality built in, along with Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit; all three features are new to LG TVs. Content can be played directly from Apple devices and iTunes, and the TV can be controlled using the Home app on iOS devices or using Siri.

LG’s rollable TV is offered with a 65-inch display. It’s expected to hit local stores in the second half of this year and while pricing is yet to be confirmed, it may be safe to assume five figures in the price.

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