Lenovo is bringing Google Assistant to an alarm clock

Lenovo has a new smart alarm clock with Google Assistant functionality.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is covered in a friendly grey fabric material, and uses a 4-inch touchscreen to display the time or other simple information like weather. Google Assistant enables many more functions like music playback, news reading and voice control over other smart devices. Three clock faces are available from launch with more planned.

The device is not intended as a primary smart home control device and offers no screen-based options to control other devices, so it won’t replace a Google Home Hub. Smart home controls are limited to what you can do with voice control via Google Assistant.

On the hardware side, the Smart Clock offers a USB port to charge other devices, and a physical mute switch and volume buttons. Alarms are blasted out of its 6W speaker which is unlikely to be suitable for high quality audio, but perfect for shrill bells every 10 minutes from 6 o’clock.

The Lenovo Smart Clock will be available later this year, retailing for USD$80 (roughly AU$110), making it more expensive than other smart devices you might consider for the bedside table like the Google Home Mini. Local pricing is yet to be confirmed.

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