iFixit Mac Studio tear down – not upgradable but repairable

iFixit has completed the iFixit Mac Studio tear down. They surmise that it is pretty repairable (6/10) if you like the module swap level repairs (expensive). It is basically a motherboard, power supply and massive cooling system.

Regrettably, RAM is soldered to the motherboard. While it has two M.2 30mm slots, the SSD is not user-replaceable or upgradable, giving DFU restore errors. We understand that Apple can replace the SSD.

The heat sink and dual fans are enormous as the M1 Chips run very hot.

iFixit commented that cleaning was impossible without complete disassembly.

It gets 6/10 for buried fans, non-upgradeable storage and soldered RAM. The tear down is here.

iFitis is also working on the Studio monitor tear down – here is a preliminary picture

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iFixit Mac Studio tear down

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