Holabot is an automated hotel delivery robot

Robotics company PuduTech has debuted a new building delivery robot intended for hotels and serviced apartments.

Holabot is an interactive delivery robot equipped with speech interaction and facial recognition, allowing the robot to deliver items within a building and recognise the intended recipient. Users can unlock Holabot’s cabin with facial recognition to retrieve items such as meals, linen or other materials.

Holabot is able to navigate multi-storey buildings via elevators equipped with PuduTech’s elevator control module. It’s also short enough to navigate through turnstiles.

To navigate, Holabot uses a suite of sensors including LiDAR, ultrasonic sensors and an RGBD camera. A pathing algorithm allows Holabot to navigate obstacles quickly by constantly working out alternate routes through its environment. The robot’s maximum speed is 2 metres per second.

PuduTech offers a multi-robot dispatch system, with which up to 100 robots can work together in the same environment. The robots share traffic information with each other, so they know which paths are most likely to contain obstacles or heavy traffic. Multiple robots can also move together and avoid each other using the dispatch system.

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