Fitbit expands wearable family with Charge 2 and first waterproof tracker

Fitbit is expanding its ever-growing family of fitness trackers with two new wearables: updated versions of the Charge HR and the Flex.

As the name suggests, the Charge 2 (pictured above) is the successor to the Charge HR. The Charge 2 boasts an Alta-inspired redesign, featuring a larger OLED screen, a metal body, and interchangeable bands.  Core tracking functionality (steps, sleep, and heartrate) is complemented by the ability to measure a user’s cardio fitness level. The Fitbit companion app will map a user’s training against their height, weight, and age to work out their VO2 Max score (the maximum amount of oxygen one’s body can use when working out at one’s hardest) and provide recommendations on how to improve it.

The Charge 2 is the first Fitbit tracker to add “wellness” features, offering users guided breathing exercises to help de-stress. These sessions are based on a user’s real time heartrate.

The Charge 2 will be available from Australian retailers from today, retailing at AUD$249.95 for the tracker a “classic” elastomer band. Additional classic bands will be sold at AUD$49.95, and “luxe leather” bands will go for AUD$119.95.

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