Zune to use Microsoft Points

Microsoft’s portable media player, Zune, will accept Microsoft Points as currency in exchange for music downloads.

Already a system in use for transactions via Xbox Live Marketplace on the 360, users will be able to purchase songs at a price of 79 points per track, or around US $0.99 (EUR 0.77).

As with a majority of MP3 players, the Zune is able to connect with the Xbox 360 to play music and other media, or via a Media Centre PC streaming content to the console.

Although speculation regarding interconnectivity between the Xbox 360 and Zune has been rife, this is the first time that Microsoft has revealed a system unique to the hardware.

Microsoft says its new Zune music player will be sold at a price matching Apple Computer’s market-leading iPod and, as a result, lose money this holiday season.

Microsoft’s 30GB Zune will retail for $US249.99 – US99 cents more than the iPod with the same amount of storage – when it goes on sale in the US on November 14.

Songs available for download at the Zune Marketplace service will cost about US99 cents a song, on par with prices at Apple’s iTunes, Microsoft said.

Source: GamesIndustry.biz

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