Yamaha Rolls Out New Receivers

By Branko Miletic

  • Come with stabilisation leg
  • Generous amount of HDMI inputs
  • Available with latest video processing chips

I must confess that Yamaha is one of my favourite companies – not just because it makes great products, but more so because it understands the needs of true-blue audiophiles.

Not surprising really when you consider that Yamaha has been around since 1887, when it started off as a small company in Japan that made pipe organs. This week the evolution of Yamaha has continued with the release of the triple product version Aventage range of AV receivers, which the company says, “offers a level of performance that will evoke emotion and make those listening feel part of the movie or the live performance”.

One of the first things you notice is the fifth leg placed underneath the heavy power transformer. The additional stability is said to ensure minimal vibration reducing any colouration to the sound. In addition, Burr-Brown Digital-to Analog Converters (DACs), the latest video processing chips, high quality speaker terminals and a myriad of other components are designed to give the best possible audio and video performance.

At the entry level of the range is the the RX-A1000, which comes with an Ethernet port that allows control via a web browser on devices such as an iPod or iPhone, while the new GUI makes operation intuitive.

It has eight HDMI inputs with dual simultaneous outputs allowing the use of multiple HD monitors at the same time. With USB input and the ability of running independent audio and video into two zones, including the option for zone mono, further versatility is added to this already accomplished receiver.

The next model up, the RX-A2000 uses an external amplifier and can be configured to deliver 9.2 channel surround sound, making use of front presence speakers for a heightened home theatre experience. Extra features include noise reduction and resolution enhancement for SD sources such as DVD.

Finally, the top model, the RX-A3000, is a prosumer product that has been designed to offer unsurpassed audio and video experience for the audio enthusiast. With the capability of expanding the receiver to 11.2 channels using secondary amplifiers and front and rear presence speakers, this receiver will deliver the most encompassing surround sound experience available, the company says.

And the double layer base construction provides further strength in the body reducing vibration and colouration of sound, and also includes speaker angle measurement and reflected sound control to ensure a great audio experience.