Yamaha Receivers With Airplay

  • Apple and Android device integration
  • Displays metadata such as album artwork
  • 7-channel surround sound

Yamaha Music has announced the release of two new receivers to the ’73 Series, elevating integrated home entertainment to a new level.

The RX-V673 and RX-V773 both deliver 7.2 channel home theatre sound and networking features, as well as AirPlay, which is a new feature of both models. Utilising a wireless network within the home the Apple technology provides wireless streaming of audio from AirPlay-enabled apps such as YouTube and Spotify on iOS devices, as well as streaming from iTunes libraries from both Mac and PC. iTunes users no longer have to tolerate inferior audio from their computer or laptop speakers, instead being able to stream audio to the home theatre system wirelessly.

Yamaha’s AV Controller app for iOS and Android devices introduces users to the potential of integrated home entertainment, through an intuitive and familiar interface. The free app provides control of the receiver’s functions including seamless access to music and movies stored on the home PC, Mac or NAS device, as well as the ability to push music directly from the iOS or Android device via Yamaha’s Music Play. For those with an insatiable appetite for music, access to tens of thousands of Internet radio stations from around the world serves as the ultimate music library.

Utilising these network functions is achieved by plugging an Ethernet cable from a router into the network receiver. However, for those wanting complete wireless access Yamaha has now introduced the YWA-10, providing wireless access between the receiver and the router.

Powered via USB, the YWA-10 has two Ethernet ports allowing a Yamaha network receiver and Blu-ray player to access the wide variety of network benefits wirelessly.

iDevice integration is achieved by plugging into the front USB port with the white cable that came with the iPod, iPhone, or iPad delivering audio via direct digital connection. Metadata such as song information and album artwork is also displayed on each receiver’s advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) while the device charges.

Completing the smart home picture, the RX-V673 features multi-zone functionality enabling families to enjoy two independent audio sources in different zones of the house. This is achieved by redirecting the two surround back channels from the home theatre room to a second zone such as an outdoor entertaining area.

The Intelligent Amp Assign feature automatically directs amplifier channels depending on what functions are selected, eliminating the need to switch speaker cables on the back of the receiver.

Possible configurations of the seven discrete amplifiers include 7 channel surround sound in one zone, 5 channel surround sound with bi-amped main speakers, or 5 channel surround sound with stereo output to Zone 2.

The RX-V773 builds on the RX-V673 capabilities and offers multi-zone versatility with Zone 2 Party Mode and HDMI Zone B. Activating Party Mode plays music in all rooms and is suitable for playing background music when hosting friends or family. A second HDMI output (HDMI Zone B) enables a projector or second TV to be simultaneously connected without changing connections on the back of the receiver, displaying the same video source with two channel audio via HDMI.

Both models support 4K video and are also capable of upscaling from lower resolution sources to this next-generation video format. With 4K compatible source components yet to be announced, customers are future proofed when this technology becomes available.

The RX-V673 and RX-V773 offer YPAO (Yamaha Parametric Acoustic Room Optimiser) set-up with Reflected Sound Control (R.S.C.) that takes into account for early reflections from hard surfaces such as nearby walls and coffee tables. The RX-V773 takes calibration a step further by providing Multipoint measurement, analysing and optimising sound in up to eight listening positions within the room.

Other new features to note include HDMI fast switching which recalls settings of connected sources reducing the time taken to switch between various HDMI sources, and ECO Mode which reduces the power consumption by up to 20 percent with minimal degradation in audio quality at volumes lower than -20dB. The RX-V773 also comes with an aluminium fascia.

RX-V673 $1,099
RX-V773 $1,299

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