Yamaha Receivers Go The Extra Step

  • Connect to thousands of internet radio staions
  • Set up two independent listening zones
  • Two HDMI inputs

Yamaha’s new 71 Series receiver line-up expands with the addition of two new network capable models to the range. The first receiver in the series to offer 7.2 channels, the versatile RX-V771 delivers functionality that is claimed to satisfy the entertainment needs of the entire household.

The RX-V871 network receiver’s connectivity includes an additional two HDMI inputs. Eight-in/two-out HDMI with 3D and ARC compatibility ensures simultaneous connection of all AV components in the home.

Building on network functionality and iOS controller app compatibility found on the RX-V671, Yamaha’s RX-V771 and RX-V871 both feature a second simultaneous HDMI output, an additional sub-woofer output, Zone 2 ‘Party Mode’ and multipoint Yamaha Parametric Acoustic Optimiser (YPAO) for professionally calibrated audio in any size or shape room.

Connecting the RX-V771 or RX-V871 to a home network enables access to music remotely stored on a PC, Mac or network attached storage (NAS) device. Using Yamaha’s AV Controller app, enjoying your favourite music by browsing the music library stored on the home computer from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and pressing ‘play’. Album artwork is displayed on your iOS device while familiar control gestures ensure intuitive navigation of your music library. Additionally, by utilising a broadband connection, Internet radio provides access to tens of thousands of radio stations from around the world.

For connection of devices, a HDMI input is located on the front panel of each receiver. The inclusion of two HDMI outputs on each model enables two displays to be connected simultaneously so you can watch TV on a display panel during the day then drop a projector screen down for an evening movie session without changing connections on the back of the receiver.

Yamaha’s ‘Zone 2’ function (the ability to have two sources sent to two independent listening zones) is enhanced on the RX-V771 and RX-V871 with the inclusion of ‘Party Mode’ on both models. The ‘PARTY’ button on the receiver’s remote provides a convenient way to play music in multiple listening zones simultaneously. Party Mode is particularly useful for playing background music throughout the home when entertaining. In addition, volume can be controlled independently in each zone using the receiver’s remote, providing versatile control of your party’s soundtrack.

RX-V771 $1,299
RX-V871 $1,499