Yamaha Boosts TV Sounds

  • Clear voice feature
  • Comes in at under $350
  • Match voice with picture feature

Yamaha's YAS‐101 TV audio booster utilises two 6.5cm cone speakers and an integrated dual 7.5cm driver subwoofer system to produce audio suitable for movies and television viewing. Although slim in profile, the cabinet provides a large volume enclosure for both speakers and subwoofer, and employs a linear-shaped bass reflex port to generate powerful and deep sound.

The YAS‐101 is designed for those who want more from their movie and television viewing experience without the need for an amplifier and multiple speakers. Utilising Yamaha’s Air Surround Xtreme technology, the unit produces a simulated surround sound field without having speakers positioned around the room.

Audio features for movies and television viewing include Clear Voice which increases the volume of dialogue/narration and UniVolume, which maintains the level of volume when changing inputs, channels and also negates discrepancies in the volume of TV commercials. Lip‐sync, presented as Audio Delay Control, is also featured, enabling timing adjustment of audio to match the picture.

Designed to be positioned in front of a television, the YAS‐ 101 stands at a height of 10.7cm. In the event the YAS‐101 blocks the television’s IR receiver, an IR flasher relays the IR signal to the rear of the unit to ensure unaffected operation of the television. Additionally, the YAS‐101 features a Learning Function, which enables the user to use the TV remote control to power on/off and adjust the volume of the YAS‐101.

For wall‐mounted entertainment systems, the YAS‐101 is also able to be hung with feet removed ensuring it complements any home.

A black gloss finish matches that of modern televisions while the gentle curve of the fascia adds a stylish accent to the entertainment area. Protecting the speaker, a Saran grille enables unimpeded audio.

The YAS‐101 includes 2 optical/1 coaxial digital inputs, with the ability to connect an external subwoofer for bigger sounding bass.


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