Yahoo Has New Way Of Browsing

By Branko Miletic

  • Graphic and not link search
  • Uses advanced predictive search
  • Designed for mobile use

Yahoo has rolled out its new Axis internet browser, which has seen some IT commentators salivating at the prospect of a real competitor to Google's search engine.

The Axis browser from Yahoo is designed to work in a more convenient way than other browsers as well being Apple Mobile friendly from the get-go.

Yahoo has said that the way Axis works is via what it calls “display search and visual format”.

According to Yahoo senior vice president, Shashi Seth, "Searching through links has outlived its utility”.

It will wait to be seen as to whether the masses can be weaned off their beloved links, as this type of format has been tried before with little or no success.

Ethan Batraski, head of product for the Search Innovation Group at Yahoo, says this type of search configuration was designed “to eliminate the middle step in the usual Web search process: Enter a query, see the results, go to a page”.

Moreover Yahoo says that it will store all search activity on its servers so users will get instant access to their past activity regardless of what computer or mobile device they are using.

Yahoo has launched Axis on the Apple App Store is not a coincidence- after downloading it and playing with it recently, it dawned on me that Axis is actually perfect for mobile devices. It’s also suitable for the Android platform, although that version is still in development.

Yahoo still has 700 million users, and it’s Yahoo that has the advertising model, the online publications and its own algorithm meaning Yahoo has the heavy weaponry to hold its own in the Battle of the Browsers – it just waits to be seen whether it has the stomach for a long, drawn out war with one of the world's richest companies.

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