Yahoo creates digital time capsule

Yahoo! has set out to capture life on Earth in digital formats for a time capsule to be buried in Silicon Valley as well as beamed into the cosmos from Mexico.

The internet giant invited people worldwide to contribute pictures, videos, songs, ideas, drawings or anything else they could digitise for a “first-ever electronic anthropology project” to document human life in 2006.

Submissions could be uploaded via the internet to regionalised “Yahoo Time Capsule” websites. Suggested topics included love, anger, fun, sorrow, faith, beauty, hope, and “you”.

Yahoo will celebrate the project with a grand three-day ceremony that will be webcast at The Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, about 40 kilometres from Mexico City, beginning on October 25.

Time capsule submissions deemed exceptional will be projected on the pyramid and all the digitised data will be converted into an optic stream and projected skyward from the Mexican monument into outer space, Yahoo editor and chief Srinija Srinivasan said.

Source: SMH

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