Xiaomi and Vivo smartphones now available in local stores

Chinese phone makers Xiaomi and Vivo are popular in South East Asia, but it’s been difficult to get your hands on them in Australia. It’s just gotten a little easier, though, with both manufacturers bringing their devices to brick-and-mortar stores.

Xiaomi devices have recently become available in Australia via Xiaomi’s Mi store, but otherwise you’d have to rely on grey market importers – which can be a little dodgy. Buying at a physical store will be slightly more expensive than parallel importing, but you’ll get the benefit of Australian in-box accessories and local network testing.

On Xiaomi’s side, the entry-level Mi A3 will retail at $499, the Mi 9T goes for $699, and the flagship Mi MIX 3 5G will sell for $1399.

Vivo will sell two midrange phones locally, the budget Y17 for $369, and the midrange S1 for $449.

Both manufacturers prioritise competitive pricing. Xiaomi in particular is known for excellent battery life and camera features, while Vivo offers premium materials and advanced technology. Putting Vivo and Xiaomi devices in physical stores is sure to bring some much-needed competition in the local market.

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