Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows launching November 13

Microsoft will launch a USB dongle allowing Xbox One owners to wirelessly connect their controllers to PCs running Windows 10 on November 13. Simply referred to as the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows, the stick will retail for AUD$29.95.

While PC gamers have been able to connect an Xbox One gamepad to their rigs using a micro USB cable, the controller's wireless capabilities have presently been locked to the console.

The Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows will be compatible with both the standard Xbox One controller, and the Xbox One Elite controller. It is, however, not compatible with Xbox 360 controllers.

Update (15/10/15): This article originally stated the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows would be available in Australia on October 20. Microsoft has since told CyberShack that the release will be pushed back to November 13.

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