World’s Thinnest Tablet?

  • Runs Android 3.2
  • Super thin form factor
  • Tonne of connectivity

Toshiba claims it has released the world’s thinnest and lightest 10.1-inch Tablet, which is 7.7mm thick, and weighs 535gms.

The successor to the AT100, the new AT200 also hasa wide-view HD screen, dual cameras and a range of ports for entertainment and connectivity. It runs on the Android3.2 operating system and will be available in early February.

It is designed to be a multi-purpose tablet whereby users can do a variety of tasks, from emailing on the fly to watching movies in HD or keeping up with the latest videos on You Tube.

The mini HDMI port can connect to a big screen TV, while its micro USB 2.0 port is there to transfer data fast. There is also a micro SD card slot lets users expand their on-board storage, or transfer files from a digital camera.