Woolworths offers new “zero bill shock” range of post-paid phone plans

Woolworths Mobile has refreshed its family of mobile plans, with three new post-paid options to complement its prepaid range. The plans start at AUD$35 per month, excluding handset repayments, and all promise "zero bill shock". After a customer goes through their allowance, they simply reach a hard limit (where data is cut off unless a customer explicitly purchases more, for example).

Woolworths' Small plan includes 1GB of data, AUD$1,000 of talk time, and unlimited text for AUD$35 per month. Medium includes 3GB of data, and unlimited talk and text for AUD$50 per month. And Large includes 8GB of data, and unlimited talk and text for AUD$70 per month. Each plan is sold as a 24 month contract with a smartphone (potentially adding extra repayment fees to the total monthly bill).

New subscribers can choose from a range of Samsung smartphones including the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, or Galaxy A3. Each smartphone attracts a different monthly repayment based on the plan it is purchased on. For example, the Galaxy S7 is an extra AUD$33 per month on the AUD$35 plan, AUD$27 on the AUD$50 plan, and AUD$18 on the AUD$70 plan.

Woolworths Mobile is now powered by Telstra’s 4G network.

Woolworths Reward program members can earn Woolworths Dollars when they say sign up to Woolworths Mobile before the end of June.

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