Wires Crossed #98 – August 31

Fiddy Sues Florida Headphone Business
Rapper  50 Cent is suing Florida-based Sleek Audio for the return of money he lent them in a joint venture over the development of some wireless headphones. The rapper is demanding both the return of the money plus interest, but Sleek themselves are far from happy with the situation. At its most basic, the company claims that once 50 Cent came on board, he took their ideas to another company, SMS Audio, who developed a new set of headphones with him. In their opinion the loan agreement became void. Arbitration didn’t seem to work, so it looks like it might be heading to court.

Yahoo Chief Gets The Boot After Racist Comment
It’s election season in the USA, and this time around it’s probably going to be more contentious than ever, and it will be a long three months  until a President of the United States is elected in November. With that in mind, it is of now surprise Yahoo’s Washington bureau head, David Chalian, has been fired after unwittingly being recorded saying to an unknown acquaintance that presidential candidate Mitt Romney would be “happy to have a party with black people drowning.” This was in reference to flooding in New Orleans due to Hurricane Isaac. Chalian immediately issued an apology to Romney, but it wasn’t enough to save him from the chop. It is this kind of inflammatory incident that will had fuel to the fire and likely get more press coverage than it deserves in the mainstream press.

Twitter Preferred Method Of Terrorists
Having been booted from Facebook and YouTube, Muslim terrorists are now using Twitter as their preferred contact point for letting the world know their thoughts and what they have been up to over the past month. Several accounts have been set up in the name of well-known terrorist leaders, such as Ayman al Zawahiri, while in other cases alleged terrorists have had online spats with US armed forces.  What we found interesting is that Twitter itself appears to have no compulsion to shut the accounts down.

Free Phone For Dragon Pic
It’s interesting what a little effort, brought about by a boredom, can bring you. Canadian Shane Bennett was bored one day, so cheekily sent Samsung a picture of a dragon along with a request for a free Samsung Galaxy S III, which retails for about $1000 here in Australia. Unsurprisingly, Samsung turned down the request but did reciprocate by sending a picture of their own of a kangaroo on a unicycle. Bennett like the pic, put it on social sharing website Reddit, which proceeded to go viral. The upshot being that Samsung were so happy with the publicity they sent the Galaxy fan a new Galaxy S III for free after all



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