Wires Crossed #87 – June 8

Jobs Ghost To Haunt Trial
Hearsay is a special part of criminal law whereby you are not allowed to give evidence by quoting what a third party has  said as fact. There are few exceptions to this rule, but generally it is sacrosanct and there have been many cases over the years where trials have been abandoned or important evidence denied due to these rules. A court case involving Apple might be stretching those laws to the nth degree. It seems Steve Jobs doesn’t have to be around to confirm or deny quotes attributed to him in the Walter Isaacson biography where he slams Google for – in his opinion –ripping off Apple technology.  With Apple now in a stoush with Motorola, Apple are worried that the latter might use those quotes to add emotion to the trial and sway the jury, so they asked that any quotes from the book be disallowed. Chicago federal judge Richard Posner has turned down their request. We’re interested to see if, and how, Motorola are going to use these quotes to their advantage, and does it really matter?

Lack Of Hands Doesn’t Stop Aspiring Photographer
Making a living out of photography is not one of the easiest career pathways, especially since vendors are now producing cameras that can do most things for you – whether it be adjusting for the light, shake control, or getting rid of red eye for night shots. But none of this will stop Guy Menezes from trying to fulfil his dream, and he has more obstacles than most in his way. According to the Bellingham Herald, Menezes was born with what is called limb deficiency, which means he only has partial parts of his limbs. But that doesn’t stop him from taking shots. He manages to make pics by putting the camera between his arms, which stop at the elbow, and then uses the one finger he has on his right arm to snap the picture.  Determination and passion can get you places.

Six Year Old Wags To Play Wii
Don’t know whether to file this under “aw, how cute”, or “what a rascal”.  A six year old boy in the US decided he was sick of playing lego at after school care, so forged a note which he gave to the school secretary stating that he would not be going to his after school programme. What is funny – but not if you were his parents – was that the teacher was mightily suspicious of the note written in a yellow highlighter and with spelling mistakes, but still let him go to the secretary who gave him a dismissal pass so he could leave school. And why did he not want to go to his after school program? He would rather go home and play on his Wii, than play with lego. He never got his wish, after the after school care program called his mother, who finally found him at a neighbour’s house, which didn’t have a Wii.

Crying Over Spilt Milk – Er Coffee
Anybody who knows anything about the history between Great Britain and Ireland knows that there is no love lost between the nations. Over the centuries the Irish have seen the Brits as tormentors and tyrants, and it was less than 100 years ago that the vast majority of the Emerald Isle was freed from the yoke of what it saw as colonial oppressor. So it is of no surprise that when Starbucks tweeted to its 2,000 Irish followers asking them what made them proud to be British, more than a few took exception. And being in cyberspace, it’s not like you can get rid errant tweet. In fact, one follower was so incensed he said he wanted an apology before he even thinks about going into a Starbucks again. The company has since apologised, but whether that has satiated its Irish followers is unknown.

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