Wires Crossed #82 – May 4

How Low Can You Go?
Thieves and burglars rarely have any mores, morals or standards, which is why they do what they do. But on occasion, you’d think even they have some unwritten ‘laws’ they adhere to. Apparently not as the Doncaster Royal Infirmary in Yorkshire found out recently when some heartless scumbag stole their Nintendo Wii from the children’s ward. Talk about kicking somebody when they’re down. Luckily, Jim Whitfield, whose daughter Dena-Jo was a patient due to whooping cough, offered to pay for a new console.

Backlash For Man Suing Ubisoft
Two weeks ago we told you of author John Beiswenger who is suing Ubisoft over similarities between a book he wrote and the Assassin’s Creed gaming franchise. Talk about a backlash. Within a few days, some true-blue aficionados of the game decided to offer up some rather damning criticisms of his book via the review feature on Amazon. With more than 100 reviews – all giving him one star out of five – you could be forgiven for thinking that maybe he might have opened a Pandora’s box that will take some time to close.

Would That Be A Perm Or Wave?
Not too sure if the epitome of lazy, or how the future is going to be. A hair salon in Japan is trialling a robot that washes and shampoos your hair before a haircut. As well as dispensing water, shampoo and conditioning your hair, Panasonic’s Head Care Robot offers a 24-finger massage, which sounds like Nirvana if you’ve had a stressful day. Some would argue it will never replace the human experience of getting your hair washed before being cut, but we would also argue about how much such a unit would cost. This type of technology is never cheap!

Google Shuts Down Bank Account Hacker’s Blog
Khosrow Zarefarid is a security researcher from Iran, who likes to blog. Recently he informed several banks that they had a security hole in their systems, so they did the typical thing – ignored him. His response? Hack into the accounts of several of the banks’ customers just to show it can be done. Google quickly shut down his blog that published the information, however he is still allowed to use other blogs he has online. Instead of shutting down the site, maybe the banking people should be thanking him for doing a public service?


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