Wires Crossed #81 – April 27

Four-Year-Old Shoots Dad Dead Over PlayStation
Not too sure of the veracity of this story, but it has been widely reported. Apparently a four year old Saudi Arabian boy shot his father for not buying him a PlayStation 3. Dad was in his bedroom getting undressed when he put down his gun, the boy picked it up and shot him because he didn’t bring home a PS3 console as requested. We’re thinking that maybe it was more like an accident, but you never know.  Either way it is a tragedy for both the father and son.

Facebook Make Idiots Of Themselves
Facebook has been left red-faced after asking North Carolina resident Diana Cornwell to remove pictures of her seven year old son who has Downs Syndrome from her Facebook page because it violated Facebook terms. Facebook has since apologised and ‘allowed’ her to reinstate the pictures. What we find interesting is that Facebook hasn’t explained how the pictures contained hate speech, support violent organisations, or threatens to harm others, which are the terms that Facebook was referring.  We’re thinking that maybe somebody in the organisation initially found the pictures offensive, or thought Cornwell was posting random photos of third parties in order to ridicule them. Either way, bad form by Facebook.

Pays To Follow Captain Kirk On Twitter
William Shatner – AKA Star Trek’s Captain James T Kirk – has always been a quirky bloke, so it was no surprise that when he tweeted that the millionth person to follow him on Twitter would be shouted dinner, that he would keep his word. Troy Pound of South Carolina became that follower, and Shatner duly took Pound and his wife, Wendy, out to dinner and posted a video of the encounter on YouTube.

Samsung Feud Gets Worse
We’ve already mentioned once in Wires Crossed about the feud between Samsung’s Lee brothers – Kun-hee and Maeng-hee – over inheritance issues with the huge conglomerate. The company, started by their father Lee Byung-chull, has seen a falling out of the Lee clan with both Maeng-hee and his sister Sook-hee alleging that their younger brother hid some assets under an assumed name. This meant that the elder siblings missed out on some the distribution of wealth that occurred after their father died. Now the elder Lee’s have chastised their younger brother for making public comments about the quarrel, and have stated that the whole situation is more about revealing the truth than getting their hands on Samsung’s wealth. Yeah, right.  Mind you, the younger Lee is pretty formidable and doesn’t let family sentiment get in the way of ambition or reputation, something that was pretty clear when he refused to attend the funeral of his daughter who committed suicide in 2005.

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