Wires Crossed #77 – March 30

Social Media At Fault Over UK Riots
A new report by a British government panel says that both 24 hour news coverage and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter contributed to the five days and nights of rioting in Britain during the Northern Hemisphere summer last year.  The report goes as far as saying social media websites aided the rioters, but has also said that this should not be given as a reason to shut down or put constraints on the sites. However, they have suggested using mobile networks to monitor crowds and congestion. With an estimated 1.85 million CCTV cameras in Britain, Big Brother is indeed watching you.

Woman Breaks Nose – Sues Apple For US1 Million
83-year-old New Yorker Evelyn Paswall is suing Apple for $1 million after she walked into a glass wall at the Long Island Apple Store. It appears she thought the wall was the store’s door, but was in fact a static wall. Paswall believes that the modern architecture is hazardous to older folk who can’t see as well as younger people and this was to blame for her broken nose. She claims that Apple was negligent in that it didn’t have a visible warning that there was a see-through glass wall ahead instead of a door. While not trying to belittle the hurt suffered, we’re wondering what ever happened to personal responsibility?

Cairns Wins Case Over Libel Tweet
Ex-Indian Premier League chief Lalit Modi has been told to pay former New Zealand test cricketer Chris Cairns over $140,000 in damages and costs of over $630,000 after Cairns won a libel case in London this week. Modi had accused Cairns, via a tweet, of match fixing cricket games. Cairns sued in the London High Court and won the judgement. Justice Bean, who heard the case, said that Modi had failed to prove the allegation that Cairns was involved in any form of match fixing. Just shows how costly one errant tweet can be.

Microsoft Bans Apple Products
Microsoft has banned the purchase of tech rival Apple’s products when using the company’s money to purchase technology. We would find this interesting if it was not so unsurprising. Of course Microsoft aren’t going to buy Apple products anymore. Why would they with the release of Windows Phone 7.5? We believe that if Microsoft execs and other employees have any sense they’ll be looking at the Nokia Lumia 800 for their smartphone needs.

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