Wires Crossed #48 – August 19

Christian Cops Want Darkness II Banned
True story. It seems 2K Game’s  Darkness II has the International Christian Police Fellowship up in arms. The Fellowship, made up of several member associations throughout Europe, wants the game banned because it allegedly shows police in a bad light. 2K Games disagree with their assessment and there are no plans to withdraw the game from sale. Wonder if the is an International Christian Army Fellowship, and if there was, what would their take be on Call of Duty…

Pollies Consider Banning Social Networking Over Riots
You would think that British Prime Minister David Cameron putting forward the idea of banning social networking due to the London Riots has a Big Brother ring about it, not to mention freedom of speech etc. However, if you look at the fine print, what he really saying is that they should ban only those who spruik rioting on their Facebook page or Twitter accounts. A nice sentiment, but one that is impractical, unless you get ISPs on board. All you need is an email address and a user name and you’re away laughing. Good luck with policing that Prime Minster Cameron.

School In The Wrong Over Saucy MySpace Pics
Not too sure where we stand on this one. A US District judge has stated that an Indiana high school violated the first amendment rights (freedom of expression/speech) of two teenage girls who posted racy pictures of themselves on a MySpace page. On the one hand, we can see why the school wouldn’t want any of its students putting up such risqué snaps on a public forum (even though its privacy settings were on), while there is the belief that while you not in school, it’s your time. Your thoughts? Leave a comment.

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb
Rapper “The Game” (what sort of lame arse name is that anyway?) is going for Dork Of the Year after posting the Compton Police Department’s phone number on a tweet he made. In the tweet, The Game said that it was the number to call if you wanted a job working for the wannabe rapper. It caused the Compton Police Department’s phone system to go into meltdown. He’s in trouble because he allegedly put the number in on purpose knowing it would cause a disruption. The cops are not amused and are looking into the matter. How would Jayceon Terrell Taylor (no wonder he changed his name to The Game) feel if it is was his sister getting beaten up in a domestic violence case, or his mother’s house that was getting burgled and nobody could ring through the emergency? As the header says Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.