Wires Crossed #42 – June 24

Movie Critic’s Facebook Page Removed

Movie Critic’s Facebook Page Removed
Movie critic Roger Ebert was more than a less than amused when his Facebook page was taken down after people left nasty comments after an errant tweet. When Jackass star Ryan Dunn was killed in a car accident this week Ebert tweeted “friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive”. Fans of the deceased actor were none too happy about the tweet and let their feelings be known on his Facebook page, which led to the page being removed. Other than Ebert being right in his tweet, it is a bit strange that Facebook took down his page because third parties posted rude comments on it. They did restore it the next day, but surely some common sense should have prevailed?

Hackers Hacked off
It’s gloves off time for hackers of the world. Since the beginning of time, taking to the streets and protesting has been the norm to show dissatisfaction over social or government issues. People still do it today. But, now there a new way of protesting – hacking. Hacking group LulzSec is prepared to join forces with other hacking alumni like Anonymous for no other reason than they don’t like governments or corporations, and says they will bring down websites.  Why? Who knows other than a vague dislike of the establishment. Targets include government institutions, banks and the CIA. Wonder what Sid Vicious would have thought of this kind of Anarchy? We’re sure Johnny ‘Rotten’ Lydon would find it amusing.

51 Ways To Leave Your Lover
Paul Simon once wrote a song (tongue in cheek) on the various ways you can end a relationship. The song, titled 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, was written in 1975 and no doubt if he was to write it now he could include a few more including via Twitter. Chinese billionaire investor Wang Gongquan decided the best way to inform his wife that he was leaving to be with his mistress was via Twitter. It’s not too sure how she took the news, but it appears Gongquan is now the laughing stock of his peers in China, not so much for leaving his wife, but for his follow up performance, which consisted of the lothario posting YouTube videos of himself singing songs about love.

Posts Get Cop in Trouble
There’s no doubting that being a policeman can be a stressful job, and sometimes you need to let off steam. But maybe Albuquerque detective Pete Dwyer should have kept his thoughts in-house and amongst close confidents. Instead he posted his thoughts on his Twitter account. Saying things like “Some people are alive only because killing them is illegal” and that he would pistol whip the next person he heard say ‘imma’ instead of ‘I’m going to’ hasn’t impressed his bosses. The cop is now a desk jockey until the Top Brass have completed an internal investigation. “Stay away from the keyboard, Detective Dwyer.”