Wires Crossed #39 – June 3

PS2 As A Deadly Weapon

PS2 As A Deadly Weapon
Cops take all kinds of crap in the execution of their duties, including being assaulted by a variety of things – some expected, some not. When Lincoln, Nebraska Police Officer Katie Flood stopped to talk to one Timothy Jones, he got a bit antsy. Did he cuss her out? Throw a haymaker? Run? Well, he did run, but only after he reached under his shirt, pulled out a PS2 console and threw it at the startled officer.  Not too sure what surprises me more – him thinking he could get away, or having a PS under his shirt. One immediately thinks he burgled a house to get the item, but none of the multitude of offences he was charged with includes burglary. Weird.

Sparing the Rod And All That
Not too sure if “nurturing” is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Microsoft, but that’s what some are calling the software giant for taking a softly, softly approach towards an Irish teenager they caught trying to hack the Xbox Live service. Instead of throwing the book at him, Microsoft says they are going to try and harness the wayward teen’s skills “for legitimate purposes”. Reading between the lines we’re thinking what they are really saying is “we don’t want a Sony-like attack on our servers”.

Yeah, Like That’s Going to Happen
There are so many lawsuits going around at the moment between giant tech companies, it’s sometimes hard to know where one starts and the other begins. One of the more interesting ones is between Samsung and Apple. They’re accusing each other of alleged patent infringements, but now Samsung has upped the ante. Not only is the Korean-based tech giant counter suing Apple, but is demanding that it sees commercial versions of the next-generation iPad and iPods before they go to market. Sure, I can see that happening….not!

Vodafone Sues…A Customer
Speaking of law suits (yet again!), I have read a lot of articles over the years on customers complaining about Telco service (or lack thereof), and even the odd story about customers suing over some alleged misdeed or conduct. However, this is the first time I’ve heard of a Telco suing a customer. Vodafone India is doing just that to one Dhaval Valia, who had the temerity to attack the mobile phone service provider on his Facebook page. Seems the company took exception to his criticism, but Valia is not impressed or intimidated and has even posted the legal notices on his page. Maybe he needs to find a new provider, or they can disconnect him from their service?