Wires Crossed #31 – April 1

Red Ring Gets Death Sentence

Red Ring Gets Death Sentence
I love my Xbox 360, but did suffer the famous red ring of death a while back on my first unit. However, I haven’t felt that bad that I had to take the same drastic action taken by Russian 'fan’ Dimtri. The young bloked decided enough was enough and took vengeance on his allegedly fifth – that’s right fifth – Xbox that had died on him. Did he take a sledge hammer to it? No. Throw it out window? Nyet. Drive over in it in a steamroller? Nada. He decided a couple of pistols, a shotgun and some explosives would be enough to vent his spleen. In a “don’t-try-this-at-home” moment, Dimtri put the Xbox out of its misery and was left with nothing more than a piece about four square inches. In doing so he fulfilled the fantasies of many frustrated Xbox 360 owners who have felt the wraith of the red ring of death.

Man Charged Over Impersonating Cop Online
When Nick Keesing decided to take the law into his hands online, he got a rude awakening and has been charged by New Zealand Police for impersonating a police officer. Keesing claims he set up a Facebook account, in the name of New Zealand Deputy Commissioner Viv Rickard, in order to give a woman he claims was involved in the methamphetamine trade a short, sharp, shock. The only person who got shocked was Keesing after the woman got spooked and called the police, who in turn arrested Keesing. However, he is fighting the charge, believing he was booked under the wrong statute.

MySpace Taking Last Gasp
It must be giving News Corp nightmares. The continual decline of its social networking site MySpace – just as Newscorp is trying to onsell the dying online property – hit a new low with comScore figures saying it lost a massive 10 million users at the beginning of 2011. While rival site Facebook is signing up what seems like the whole Western World – and then some – MySpace is struggling to hold on to current subscribers let alone trying to encourage new ones. Even though it has tried to reinvent itself as a peripheral site to the music industry and also offered up cross-pollination with Facebook, it seems punters just don’t want to know. Good luck with unloading it Rupert.

Sicko Gets Fired After Facebook Pic Posted
In what have must have made the parents of murder victim Caroline Wimmer sick to the stomach, they found that a picture of their daughter at the murder scene had been posted on a Facebook page. Further investigation found that emergency response technician, Mark Musarella – who was also a former police officer – and attended the scene, took the snap on his mobile phone and put it up on his page. Why? Only Musarella knows. He promptly got fired, was fined and sentenced to 200 hours community service. However, Wimmer’s parents are suing almost anybody and entity  involved with the incident, which might include Facebook. Although how you are supposed to police 10s of millions of uploads a month is one tough ask.