Wires Crossed #3 – August 20th

Young Dumb Mum

Young Dumb Mum
What sort of person publishes their toddler pretending to toke on a bong on their Facebook page? A stupid one. Teen mum Rachel Stieringer thought it was a great joke to post a picture of her baby son pretending to suck on a jade bong on her Facebook page. How funny she thought it was when the police knocked on her door and charged her with possession of drug paraphernalia, and then made her do a drug test, too, you can only guess. Her parents are now looking after the infant.

Bad Boy Bieber
Teen heartthrob and spoiled brat Justin Bieber used his popularity to exact revenge on a annoying fan. Detroit teen Kevin Kristopik was puzzled by a flurry of calls and texts to his phone only to find out the superstar singer had tweeted Kristopik’s phone number on his Twitter page. Why? Seems Kristopik had been pestering Bieber with phone calls, so the musical midget decided enough was enough and got typing.

Perth Pervert
James Stratton is a man who likes tech gear, especially hidden cameras and microphones. Stratton, from Perth in Scotland, spent many years video taping people in his guest house who were in, er, compromising positions. He got rumbled when a woman thought a ‘smoke detector’ in the ceiling looked suspicious. Turns out the 'detector' didn’t work because it was a cover for a hidden camera. Stratten pleaded guilty to an array of charges, but what is even more surprising is that his wife didn’t have a clue, even though he’d been at it for four years.

Policeman Pugnacious About PS3
A Florida deputy was in trouble after allegedly trying to strangle his wife after she threatened to take away his PS3. Sheriff's deputy Gary French from Lake County got in an argument with his wife and she knew the way to get him all het up was to put his PS3 in time out. Back in the day, it was threatening to take a hammer to the Monaro or smashing up the Led Zep record collection that would get the blood boiling, but getting violent towards one’s spouse is bad form at any time, let alone over a gaming console. He was not arrested because French’s wife (who is a police dispatcher, believe it or not) refused to lay charges.