Wires Crossed #28 – March 11

Google Implements Remote Kill Switch For Android

Google Implements Remote Kill Switch For Android
Don’t panic! It’s not like it sounds…well I hope not. Seems a developer of unknown origin took it upon themselves to upload malicious applications to the Android App website that would retrieve data from a user’s mobile. So Google has installed a kill switch that allows the company to delete apps remotely. This is all well and good, but we do have to ask, if Google can do this to some scumsucker uploading dodgy apps, can they also – at a whim – delete other apps they don’t like?

Women Post Shallow Pics On Facebook
Ever wondered why that self-assured girl you fancy posts a lot of pics of herself on her Facebook page? Is it because
a) She’s into photography?
b) Just letting you know what she’s up to?
c) Is an attention-seeker looking to others to back up her own shallow assessment that her self worth is based on her physical appearance?
Not hard to guess is it? A study titled Cyberpsychology, Behaviour and Social Networking out of the University of Buffalo in New York state is claiming just that – women plaster pics over Facebook because they think this is how others will judge them as people. There were 311 people in the study, with just over half being women, and they by far are said to judge their self worth based on their physical appearance. Ladies, a copy of Shallow Hal is in the post.

Chrysler: Cussing Comes Standard
Well, not quite, but the Detroit-based company must have wondered who was the one fast on the draw dropping the ‘f’ bomb on the company'sTwitter account. Apparently the company doesn’t twitter its own tweets, but a third party does. However , you do have to give the twitterer a few marks for creativity. The offending tweet? “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f**king drive.” Have a fender bender did we?

Gates Gets Political
Microsoft co-founder and serial philanthropist, Bill Gates, is getting political, comparing some of the American states' budgetary departments to that of those who ran the now defunct energy giant Enron. Gates believes that the heavy burden that the states have to pay into pension funds for both its retired and current state employees, plus the high cost of health care, means they are taking money earmarked for education, and therefore robbing children of their future education requirements. It seems Gates has taken to political advocacy like Steve Balmer has to ranting at keynote addresses. Must be catching.

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