Wires Crossed #24 – February 11

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job
Somebody at Sony is in a lot of trouble. In last week’s Wires Crossed we talked about PS3 hacker George Hotz being given the third degree by a US judge, now a Sony staffer has decided to retweet the jailbreak code. Not the brightest thing to do when you’ve just had a hacker hauled over the coals. Of course, a bright spark at Sony got the tweet deleted immediately, but as can be seen from this pic, too late!

Coach Bans Twitter
Hot headed college basketball star Ravern Johnson got all het up at being benched while his Mississippi State side got beaten by Alabama State, so decided to share his thoughts with the rest of us via Twitter. Johnson moaned “Starting to see why people Transfer you can play the minutes but not getting your talents shown because u watching someone else wit the ball the whole game shooters need to move not watch why other coaches get that do not make sense to me” in a couple of tweets, leading to a show down with coach Rick Stansbury. Now the whole team is banned from using the social networking medium during the season. I’m sure Johnson’s team mates have a lot to thank him for – not!

Guilty Your Honour!
Is there anywhere that tentacles of social networking hasn’t reached? Californian juror Arturo Ramirez could be facing time behind bars after being found tweeting during a gang trial in Sacramento. Judge Michael Kenny has demanded Ramirez hand over the offending tweets ASAP or he might be sent to the slammer. Ramirez is claiming invasion of privacy. We’re claiming Ramirez should fulfil is duty as a citizen and take the court case against the gang members seriously.

In a post that could be titled “What was she thinking?”, or “What is wrong with kids these days?”, 18 year old Amber Baird from North Carolina has been fined $400 for putting up a pic on her Facebook page showing her holding a mutilated cat.  Baird claims she found the cat already dead on the side of the road, but why she would then skin the animal and put it up on her Facebook page is anybody’s guess. To add more drama to the tale, somebody else published Baird’s address and phone number on line and she is now receiving death threats from animal lovers. But the question does keep coming back “Why do it?” Moral of the story? When you see road kill on the side of the road, don’t see it as an invitation to carry out a biology experiment. However, if the need arises, don’t share it will 500 million other people. ‘Nuff said?