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TomTom Says Geordie Accent Best

TomTom Says Geordie Accent Best
While searching for a voice to populate its latest range of GPS systems, TomTom decided to survey Britons about what voice they would like to hear giving directions. Surprisingly, the Geordie accent won out. So what is a Georgie accent sound like? Think Oz from Auf Wiedersehen Pet, or X Factor judge and singer Cheryl Cole, or AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson. Although a true Geordie is hard to understand Brits find the accent soothing and friendly.

Tweet Catches iPhone Thief
Speaking of Geordies, Craig Royal from County Durham is probably wishing social networking and 3G enabled technology wasn’t around as he got snapped – literally – robbing somebody in broad daylight. The would-be thief was on a bike as he stole a pedestrian’s iPhone, only for quick-thinking Alex Wilson to take a snap of Royal using his own phone, and then tweet the pic on his Twitter account. Local police recognised Royal and he ended up getting ‘nicked’. Thieves beware – everybody is a potential CCTV.

Egging Results From Google Ban
Some German residents in the town of Essen have had their homes egged and notices put on their doors after having their houses blurred by Google’s Street View service. German privacy laws gives people the right to opt out of being shown. While some residents have taken that option, it also leaves them open to ridicule and abuse by those who think the privacy laws are outdated. Up to a quarter of a million households in Germany decided to opt out.

Facebook Caused Asthma Attack
An Italian lothario spurned by his ex-girlfriend seems to have had an asthma attack after viewing her pictures on the social networking site. Medical journal Lancet reports that a hospital in Naples reported for the incident, and having taken into account all other factors, believe that the 18-year-old, after seeing the pics had 20 percent less airflow, and was hyperventilating. After seeing a psychiatrist, and having stopped looking at Facebook, the attacks have stopped. While the doctors are blaming Facebook, it’s fair to say the site was on the conduit – we’re guessing the photos were the problem, not the site itself.