Wires Crossed #133 – October 9

Facebook brings a new meaning to the term 'working from home'; parents call police to get son off Xbox; Yahoo changes rules on mail storage; and family reunited after Facebook search.

By Mike Wheeler

Yahoo Thinks Less Is More

Confused? We sure are. Yahoo Marisa Mayer has had some wins recently, but we are slightly confused about its change of tact when it comes to its yahoo mail service. The company says users will no longer have an unlimited amount of space on its mail service, instead it will limit it to 1TB. Why? Well, this is the interesting part. According to the LA Times, a spokesperson said: “We opted to move to 1TB…because we believe by having a huge limit like 1TB…will inspire our users to store more in Yahoo Mail.” Huh? So you think that giving people a limited amount of space as opposed to infinity will mean they use the service more? Then surely the logical conclusion is if they use the service more, then they will eventually need more space. Right?

Facebook Builds Houses For Workers?

Yes, we took a double take, too. It appears Facebbok brings a new meaning to the term ‘taking your work home with you’. The cynic in us says that Mssrs Zuckerberg and Co are trying to wring every last drop out of their employee’s productivity, but it seems the reason for the build is a lot less nefarious. There is a housing shortage in the area of San Francisco where Facebook is headquartered. So the company has decided to invest $120 million on almost 400 units for its staff. Before you think the company has gone all benevolent, it has stated that the units will be rented at market prices, although those not earning enough will be able to dip into a ‘support pot funding’ for financial help.

Quick! Call The Police! Our Son Won’t Stop Playing Xbox!

True story.  As anybody with a half a brain knows, the whole point of having a phone number to call emergency services, is to get the Ambulance, Fire Brigade or Police to your doorstep in the case of…an emergency! A recent audit of emergency calls in North Wales showed that of the 500,000+ calls only 46,000 of them were emergencies. And caught up in the non-urgent side of the ledger was a phone call from some parents wanting the police to help them get their kid of his Xbox. Now, we are assuming this lad must have been a burly, stroppy teenager who could give his parents a clip around the ears if they didn’t stop harassing him. Otherwise, we’re hoping the cops game them a hefty fine for wasting their time.

Facebook Reunites Family After 38 Years

For 38 years Preston Beaty had no idea what had happened to his children Charlene, Bruce and Sharon. He and his wife had split up and she moved to a location where she couldn’t be found. Preston’s nephew decided that he needed to find his cousins on behalf of his uncle and after sending out messages on Facebook, came across Charlene. She was initially sceptical, but once Paul explained who he was, they had a very teary reunion with their long-lost dad.

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