Wires Crossed #124 – July 24

By Mike Wheeler

There’s been the Atkin’s Diet, the 5:2 diet, no-fat diet and the no sugar diet. Now there’s the Facebook diet.

By Mike Wheeler


The Facebook Diet
There’s been the Atkin’s Diet, the 5:2 diet, no-fat diet and the no sugar diet. Now there’s the Facebook diet. All you have to do is post pics of yourself on your page and be so disgusted by how you look that you are motivated to shed the kilos. That’s what happened to Jen James  from Wales who posted some selfies from a holiday in Malta on her Facebook page and was so horrified at how she looked, promptly started a diet. Like anybody carrying an extra kilo or two, thinking what you look like, and seeing the evidence right in front of you can be a lot different. The end result in James’ case?  The loss of 40 kilos and a healthier diet.


Porn Addiction Apple’s Fault
A lawyer in Tennessee is blaming his porn addiction on Apple because he believes that there should be built-in porn filtering device on Apple gear. Apparently Chris Sevier’s ‘addiction’ has led to the failure of his marriage, but it’s not his fault, but Apple’s. To which we say, ‘pull the other one!’ For a start, harden up Sevier, and take responsibilities for your own actions. Second of all, if you are still set on suing somebody, then you’ll probably have better luck going after the web browsing companies like Google who host the sites. Finally, if you are going after Apple, you better have deep pockets (because they have), and should have a better reason for doing so than blaming your own weaknesses on others. 


Oasis Star’s Wife Has Affair Rumour Confirmed Via Twitter
Former Oasis front man, loud mouth and human headline Liam Gallagher is in hot water with wife Nicole Appleton over allegations that he had an affair with a journalist that resulted in a baby. Nothing new in that a rock star has been caught with his pants down, but Appleton had her worst fears confirmed by a Tweet from another of Gallagher’s ex’s, Lisa Moorish, that stated “Karma is a great thing” after it was announced that a ‘rock star’ had fathered a baby out of wedlock.. Nothing has been heard from the Mancunian yobbo, but Appleton swears the marriage is over is the rumour turns out to be fact.


Microsoft Surface A Dud But Revenue Up
Microsoft has taken a $900 million charge to account when releasing its fourth quarter results for the latest financial year. The bad news is that it like the write down is due to flat sales of its Surface RT tablet, while the good news is the company still brought in $19.9 billion in review – up just over 10 percent over the same period last year. Getting in on the already crowded tablet was always going to be a hard ask for Microsoft, as was trying to sell punters a watered down version of its Windows 8 operating system on the RT tablet. The company has slashed the price of the device, and it’s very likely that the RT will be dropped from the manufacturing schedule. There is no word on the Surface or Surface Pro.

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