Wires Crossed #117 – May 3

45-Year-Old Mystery Solved Thanks To Facebook

45-Year-Old Mystery Solved Thanks To Facebook
A hit-and-run accident in 1968 that lead to a 4-year-old’s death has been kept a mystery, until a Facebook post rekindled the cold case and found the person responsible. The four year old victim was out with relatives on Halloween 1968 in Fulton, New York when she was hit by a car. The initial suspect, one Douglas Parkhurst, was spoken to some time after the event and claimed the damage to his car occurred in another town. However, a retired detective put up a post on Facebook about the case, which prompted a former resident of Fulton to contact the police and tell them that at the time she was asked to provide an alibi for Parkhurst, which she refused. Parkhurst has since coughed to the hit and run, but the statute of limitations of the crime has run out so he will not be charged.

Buffett A Hit On Twitter
Octogenarian investment guru Warrant Buffett has joined Twitter and has become an instant hit. The CEO of premier investment house Berkshire Hathaway decided to join the social media platform at the beginning of May and managed to gather an unbelievable 1000 followers a minute when it was announced that it was him. While this is a number any Twitter follower would love to have, we’re wondering whether he has any intention of building on the massive two tweets he’s made in the past nine days.

Israel Not Happy With State Of Palestine On Google
Just how tense can things get in the Middle East? Very, it appears. Google recently changing its localised Google page from Palestinian Territories to Palestine has raised the ire of Israel. For some strange reason the Jewish State’s deputy foreign minister Ze’ev Elkin believes that this minor adjustment could “negatively impinge on the efforts of my government to bring about direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority”. How? Who knows? Maybe Google recognition will give the Palestinian Authority more weight to try and assert that where their people live is now a country and not a Territory. Who knew a search engine had power to designate such a thing?

Too Much Technology Could Make You Mad
A Tel Aviv University study believes that too much technology could lead to psychotic behaviour. Dr Uri Nitzan claims that social media can have a negative effect on people who feel lonely or vulnerable in life. They seek to establish relationships online but then if those relationships break down they have feelings of hurt, betrayal and invasion of privacy. The only unfortunate part of all this, it appears Nitzan’s control group was made up of a massive three people, but he is sticking by his findings as being indicative of what can happen to people who are in a fragile mental state.

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