Wires Crossed #115 – April 9

Worst Company Two Years Running For EA?

Worst Company Two Years Running For EA?
Not exactly an award any company would want, but gaming firm Electronic Arts might have the dubious distinction of being named The Consumerist’s Worst Company of the Year for the second year running. Currently it is in a head-to-head with another company consumers love to blag on – Ticketmaster – EA is not too happy about the ‘accolade’. In a pre-emptive attempt to take the wind out of The Consumerist website’s sails, EA COO Peter Moore has released a statement admitting that while the company has made some mistakes, the award is nothing but a beat up. The Consumerist disagrees, and outlines here why it thinks the firm has raised the ire of gamers around the world.

Facebook Mocking Leads To Prison
You see, this is why some folks are so vigorous when defending people’s civil liberties. A Palestinian journalist and another unfortunate fellow have been sentenced to a year in the pokey for taking the Mickey out of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. The journalist in question ‘insulted’ the president by allegedly putting up a picture of Abbas on a Facebook page and comparing him to a character in a Syrian drama who collaborated with France when the country was a colony. However, the other poor prisoner did something a lot less controversial. The reason for his sentence? Dressing Abbas up in a Real Madrid soccer uniform and also putting it up on Facebook. We know that life in Gaza and the West Bank can be grim, but surely even someone like Abbas can have a sense of humour, no?

Egyptians Not Happy Over Stewart Tweets
And speaking of social networking and the Middle East, American comedian Jon Stewart has unwittingly provoked a strong reaction from the Egyptian government over a piece he did on his programme The Daily Show.  The US Embassy in Egypt tweeted a link to a piece from the Daily Show whereby Stewart has criticised President Mohammed Morsi’s government for arresting an Egyptian satirist for insulting Islam. Morsi’s office then tweeted back that it was ‘inappropriate for a diplomatic mission to engage in such negative political propaganda’. And if that wasn’t enough, the Muslim Brotherhood – Morsi’s political party – then posted a link via tweet saying that Jews controlled the US media (Stewart is Jewish). Heavy stuff.

iMessage Make Crims Happy
An unintended side effect of Apple’s iMessage app is that law enforcement officials in the United States say they can’t intercept messages that use the service because they are encrypted. While this may be an issue for law enforcement, civil libertarians will be happy with the outcome as they have long opposed the ability of the government to have access to peoples’ private messaging. Bear in mind that this type of messaging is between two Apple devices and does not include text messaging, which is a different beast altogether.

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