Wires Crossed #114 – April 3

New Jersey Set To Ban Facebook Questions

New Jersey Set To Ban Facebook Questions
Most of us know that posting pics, videos and comments on social networking sites means that they are there forever, so unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years you’ll also know that its best to keep your personal opinions and pics to yourself. Some companies – in the US especially – are now demanding people hand over Facebook and Twitter details so they can gauge what type of person you are when they get you in to interview for a job. Americans being Americans take civil liberties very seriously, so there is a whole raft of people not happy about what these employers are up to.The state legislature in New Jersey has passed a bill by 75-2 to ban employers asking for social media information. It also stipulates for the ability for prospective employees to sue if asked for such information. Governor Chris Christie has yet to sign the bill, but the legislature is confident it will pass. We’re hoping it will – your personal life should be personal.

Ex Nintendo Employee Epitomises Definition Of An Optimist
A Japanese inventor is claiming that he is owed $9.80 for every Nintendo NDS sold because the company used 3D technology he had patented in 2008. Taking on such a conglomerate is never easy, and we feel he is being a tad optimistic about not only winning, but gaining the amount of money he is after.  However, he does have one thing going for him in that he alleges that when he showed Nintendo the prototype back in 2003, four of the seven officials at Nintendo who were there at the time went on to recreate the 3DS’s hardware. Watch this space.

Giving It To Your Staff – Via  Twitter
The CEO and minority stake holder of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team, Adam Aron, didn’t hold back on criticising his team when they lost to rivals the Denver Nuggets in a recent NBA game in the US. Instead of having a quiet word to the coach after the game, head honcho Aron let rip on Twitter calling the performance “mind-numbingly bad”. Who needs to have a heart-to-heart with players and coaching staff when the immediacy of social networking is available?

Boxer Stalks Twitter Troll
Not too sure what to make of this – the cool, calm, collected us, says, 'this was a bad thing to do,' while the vigilante in us says ‘you go, bro!’. Curtis Woodhouse played professional football in the UK for Birmingham City, but is now a professional boxer. However when he lost one of his bouts he got a little upset about a Twitter follower abusing his performance. Deciding that enough was enough, he he tracked down the agitator to the northern steel town of Sheffield thanks to fans who know a little about technology. Once found, the ‘fan’ wasn’t interested in meeting Woodhouse, so stayed inside and wouldn’t come to ‘play’.  Woodhouse ended up getting an apology from the troll, but it just goes to show, not only is it hard to stay anonymous on the Internet, you can also be found pretty easily.

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