Wires Crossed #111 – February 12

Cash For Self-Imposed Facebook Ban

Cash For Self-Imposed Facebook Ban
Don’t know if we agree with the principle behind the idea, but can certainly have sympathy with frustrated parents. Bostonian father Paul Baier has agreed to pay his daughter $200 if she agrees to stay off Facebook for five months. His 14-year-old daughter has agreed to the contract, as he was finding it very frustrating how much time she was spending posting on the site. However, we’re unsure how he can be absolutely sure she hasn’t been on the social networking site. She could do so and delete her cache/cookies/history and he would be none the wiser. She could borrow a friend’s laptop or go to an Internet Café.  Still, it’s all about trust, but we’re still wondering if it is a good precedent to set – what next, $100 a week to do homework?

Cop Demands Overtime For Answering Calls After Hours
This is something that is creeping more into our lives the more get connected to technology – doing overtime without being paid because you are connected to the Internet or have company mobile phone always ‘on’. Hands up those of us who have taken a work-related phone call or answered an urgent email at night or in the weekend?  Most of us have at one time or another, and depending on your circumstance it’s either no big deal, or an intrusion into your life. In the case of Chicago police sergeant Jeffrey Allen, the latter applies. He is suing the Chicago Police Department for overtime after he claims he was receiving at least two work-related calls a day when he was off duty. A judge agrees that he is allowed to go ahead with his suit, and Allen will be sending notice to other police officers in the same situation so they can put together a class action.

Ouch! Battery Explodes In Pocket
A South Korean man got a shock in his pocket when the battery from his Samsung phone caught fire. He suffered second-degree burns in the incident. In a strange twist, the report from the Associated Press mentions that lithium-ion batteries – which was used in the Samsung Galaxy Note  that caused the fire – are known to overheat, yet the Fire Station that attended the incident said the battery was not even in the phone. This begs the question: How did the battery cause the fire? Spontaneous combustion? 

Private Airport For Google
You know your company is doing OK in the financial stakes when it wants to spend the best part of $80 million plus change building an airport terminal. This is exactly what technology leviathan Google wants to do in San Jose, California. The company says the terminal will service its business jets, as well as offer up over 33,000 square feet of retail space and a 66,000 square-foot hanger.  Nice to have some loose change hanging around!

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