Wires Crossed #11 – October 15

App To Put End To Sexting

App To Put End To Sexting
And in a similar vein, Apple filed a patent way back in January of 2008, which will apparently allow parents to put controls on kids’ mobile phones so they can’t receive explicit texts or pictures. Even more worrying if you are a wayward teen is that they might be able to set it up so the parent receives the text/pic instead of the intended target!  There’s more to the app than just putting restrictions on the kids, but it is probably the only thing they will care about.

Microsoft To Dump Full Health Coverage
Two weeks ago we reported how Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer was not too happy about Washington State looking to increase state taxes, which would affect the super rich. Now it looks like the company will no longer fully subsidise its employees’ health plans, with full coverage ending in 2013. You could argue they have been overly generous in the past, as most companies in the US do no offer full coverage anyway. Then again, you would think a company with an estimated capital value of $250 billion might be able to shell out for medicare.

Facebook Tries to Bring Polygamist’s Family Together
I didn’t know whether to title this article “Glutton For Punishment” or the one used. Kenyan Acentus Akuku died early this month, and was in his late 90s. Living to a ripe old age is remarkable enough, but what even made his life even more spectacular was that he fathered more than 200 children from his 100 wives. That’s right 100 WIVES! And with the power of technology, one of his grandsons has put together a Facebook page so the whole family can be at his burial to be held in December. Would love the catering contract for that little shindig!

Crabsody In Blue
Maybe Broadway actor Marty Thomas would have been better off keeping his mouth shut. It seems that he took umbrage at a tweet by somebody going under the avatar of bwayanonymous that stated the actor had a dose of genital crabs. Now, I understand his plight. Not only does he deny having them, but says he has never had any kind of STD in his life. So outraged was he, that he is taking Twitter to court to find out who bwayanonymouse really is. Twitter has already deleted the account, but that is not enough for Thomas, he wants his pound of flesh. And why would he have been better keeping his mouth shut? Because the (twit)terer in question only had 100 followers. Now the news of Thomas’s predicament is international news.

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