Windows Phone 8’s ‘Rooms’ feature leaked

By Pamela Perez

By Pamela Perez

More evidence has surfaced on the yet-to-be-announced Rooms tool within the forthcoming Windows Phone 8 OS, with an updated SDK now in the hands of select developers. Microsoft has yet to detail this feature. It is geared to do a public release of Windows Phone 8 later this year.

A post in the WinUnleaked Forums has leaked screenshots of the ‘Rooms’ feature in action. The feature will allow users to create interactive groups with friends, family, or coworkers and let them chat, share notes, build a communal calendar, and post photos for others in the room to see.

As the rumour mill has churned, Microsoft will start users off with a default ‘Family Room’ group – complete with a chalkboard family portrait as the backdrop. In addition, the new ‘Rooms’ feature will likely complement the existing ‘Groups’ feature in Windows Phone. The Groups feature allows users to collate different segments of the contacts book for easy access, but these are visible to that one user only. Rooms looks like it'll be more interactive, where people have to be invited to join and other users can contribute contents to the Room.

What’s interesting to note is that ‘Rooms’ has no app or feature equivalent within Android or iOS, so it may be a first of its kind in the market. There are more blanks to be filled still, though we imagine Microsoft will have much more to share in the coming weeks.

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