Windows 7 may be closer than you think

Windows Vista has been burdened by problems and negative press, but if one rumour is to be taken seriously, it might be replaced sooner than Microsoft are willing to say.

Do you not like Vista? It’s ok, you wouldn’t be the only one. A lot of people don’t like it. Fear not, fellow Vista-phobic friends, for the true Windows XP replacement might be here soon than Microsoft is telling us.

We’ve been told time and time again by the big wigs at Microsoft that Windows 7 – the successor to Windows Vista – won’t be making its way into people’s homes until early 2010. With over a year to go and with Windows XP not sold anymore, this would force prospective PC buyers to head to Windows Vista, an option many a computer user can dread due to its excessive resource requirements and incompatibility with much of what XP supports. While a lot of the problems found upon release have been solved with the release of Service Pack 1, Vista still has a bad reputation following it.

But one hardware vendor has made mention of builds that are close to going beta, a software testing cycle that usually takes Microsoft around a year to complete.

With that in mind, Windows 7 might hit shelves in June of 2009, and with all the negative press Vista gets in wake of operating systems like Mac OS, it might just be better for Microsoft to release it sooner rather than later.