Nintendo employees worth $1.6 million each

Every employee at Nintendo is earning the company around US $1.6 million in profit each year.

What’s worth more than Googlers and investment bankers? Nintendo employees.

The Financial Times estimated Nintendo and worked out the average worth of each of their employees. To put it in perspective, Google staffers earn about US $626,000 in profit for the Internet behemoth, while global investment banking and securities firm Goldman Sachs employees make US $1.24 million each for the company.

That seems impressive until you consider the programmers of Super Mario Galaxy are making US $1.6 million each for Nintendo.

Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s design guru responsible for Mario, Zelda, and the Wii, is a humble “salaryman” with a dog and a garden instead of a yacht and a Ferrari. “We are not experiencing success,” said a Nintendo employee to the Financial Times, “just increased overtime.”

Source: Shacknews

Additional material: The Financial Times