Windows 7 Free To Download

After all the problems with Windows Vista, Microsoft are trying to make amends with Windows 7

Microsoft’s latest O/S is now free to download (for a year) with Windows 7 Release Candidate) now available for download on its website.

Features of the new product include multitouch, gestures and general finger prods in place of precise stylus taps and mouse clicks. Users will be able to upgrade from Windows XP, and not through Vista, and it handles multi-tasking by NOT calculating the graphics of other windows that are open in the background – this should lead to an increase in speed.

Windows 7 is also said to use a new kind of streaming technology that manages all the different types of media that are being sent to a user’s device around the home.

It will also come with Internet Explorer 8, which will come with such things different menus (with larger spacing) for anyone using it with a touchscreen device.