Telstra Gives One-Click Accessible

Telstra has released a new mobile user interface

TelstraOne Experience is the name given to Telstra’s new mobile users interface that is claimed to give users one-click access to the applications and services they regularly use on their mobile phone.

Customised icons take customers directly to the most popular applications and services like phonebook and calendar and social networking and search. Telstra says this new interface will mean fast, easy access to advanced mobile content and applications including Facebook, Mobile Foxtel from Telstra and Sensis search services.

TelstraOne Experience will initially be available on two mobile handsets, the Motosurf A3100 and the Sony Ericsson W705. Further releases will follow in coming months.

Telstra says that in going forward, the interface will be able to be customised to suit traditional form factor handsets or touch screens and can be deployed across platforms, including Windows Mobile and Sony Ericsson’s proprietary OS with the ability to roll it out to other platforms in future.

When customers upgrade, they will be able to take the menu configurations with them by choosing a new TelstraOne Experience handset.